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March 7, 2014

Go Eagles!

Look At Us Soar!

The numbers are in!

After counting and recounting eagle feathers we are ready to announce our final feather totals and 4 winners -- yes, 4 winners! The Eagle Reading Initiative was so successful that we have decided to award 1 additional pizza party!

K-8 final feather count-- 5833!

There are two winning classrooms in the middle school and two winning classrooms in the elementary.

The winners of the pizza parties are...

In the Middle School...

1st place Mrs. Glodek (6th grade)-- 672

2nd place Mrs. J. Hoover (6th grade)-- 491

In the Elementary School...

1st place Mrs. Manzo (Kindergarten)-- 410

2nd place Mrs. Fette (1st grade) -- 380

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Eagle Reading Initiative!

Content Resources from American Library Association

Seriously Amazing
How do you spur curiosity? Just ask the six quirky characters of Smithsonian's Seriously Amazing Website. The Wild will share the diversity of the animal kingdom; The Green reflects the wonder of the natural landscape; The New will show how technology and creativity collide; The Masterpiece embodies artistic expression; The Storyteller shares the tales of the people of America; The Discoverer explores the world and universe. Seriously Amazing links the knowledge and resources of the Smithsonian Institution and sparks a spirit of inquiry. Grades 3-12.

Tip: Challenge students to select one of the 6 areas of exploration and learn 5 new facts to share with the class.

Edudemic is more than just an educational technology website. For students and teachers it's a one-stop-shop for forums, articles, ideas, and resources on everything technology. Edudemic is explorable by topics such as How-To, Tools, or Online Learning. Or browse through the videos collection for amazing examples of teaching and learning. Have a great idea or story to tell? Try submitting a post to Edudemic for a global audience. Grades 6-12.

Tip: The All Topics word-cloud allows users to quickly see what's trending in educational technology. Click through and explore!

Science NetLinks
Science NetLinks is a dynamic Website connecting K-12 teachers, students, and families to STEM resources produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science including lesson plans, interactives, and reviewed Internet resources. The lesson plan and tool databases are searchable by grade level, themes, and content area. Collections spotlight various themes such as Earth Day, Summer Science fun, and Science Apps. There is an Afterschool collection that offers hands-on science experiments which offers student activity sheets, online resources, as well as teacher resources. Grades K-12.

Tip: Check out the latest research findings about many interesting topics in Science News.

TEDEd allows educators to create and share lessons built around YouTube videos. The embedded lesson creator allows users to 1) FIND video content through an integrated search panel, 2) SELECT a video or lesson to be customized, and 3) FLIP a video by adding questions, notes, and content. The TEDEd library is continually growing and is searchable and browsable by series and subject. Grades K-12.

Tip: The best lessons are curated by volunteer teachers and TEDEd and compiled under the Best Flips tab. If you're looking for teaching inspiration, look no further!

What happens when you combine the knowledge and talent of a handful of techies that want to make a change in education? Visit Codeacademy and participate in the teaching and learning experience of the future! Codeacademy has set out to create an online social instructional experience that teaches programming to people around the world. Learn the fundamentals of various programming languages, participate in online coding language labs, and learn how to start a coding academy at your own school. Grades 6-12.

Tip: At the completion of the Codeacademy course, have students build their own websites with the code they have learned.

Digital Public Library of America
The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is an online collection of millions of photographs, maps, sounds, manuscripts, books, and more accessible anytime, anywhere, for anyone. DPLA materials come from museums, archives, and libraries across the United States, and provides primary source examples of our American Heritage and human history. With DPLA, users can explore resources by topic, map, format, timeline, or exhibition. With a free account, items can be saved to lists and shared with others. Grades 6-12.

Tip: DPLA's programming interface and open data promote transformative use by designers and developers. Look for amazing tools and programs built by the DPLA’s partners that will turn in to indispensable resources for your students and staff.

This content and more can be found at Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2013


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