Bilingualism in Canada

French or English language in Canada

History Connection

  • The Acadians French colonists maritime provinces in 1604.
  • 1755 and 1763 deported, Today, Acadian culture Quebecers people of Quebec, French-speaking 8,500 French settlers 1600s and 1700s English-speaking.(English, welsh, Scottish, lavish settlers.)

Current Issue

  • English-speaking and French-speaking brought from Europe by settlers.
  • Country's official languages government to provide services throughout Canada in English and French.
  • 18 million people who speak English, 7million people who speak French.
  • francophone live in the province of Quebec, New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province.

Challenges of french speaking and English speaking Canada

Speak or write fluently in 2 languages.

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Mouhmmad Zaid Ghani