Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

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Do you know how to multiply decimals?...

IT'S EASY!When your multiplying decimals make sure you do not .I Repeat DO NOT... line up your decimals.Now all you have to do is multiply regularly.Then how many numbers(decimal places) are behind your decimals count that many times to the left and place your decimal there to get your awnser

Where we multiply and divide decimals in the real world

We multiply decimals for/with money,taxes, and gas.

We divide decimals for/with tips,sport averages,and Coupons

Now here's some extra learning

Now here's where you learn how to divide decimals

Do you know how to divide decimals?...

First of all...if your divisor is not a whole number,move the decimal point to the right to make it a whole number and move the decimal point in the dividend the same number of places.Then just divide as usual.Put your decimal point right above the decimal point in the dividend.Then you'll get your correct awnser.

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