Courage develops strong friendships

Joseph Asay periods 3 and 4

Development of Theme Analysis

In "Freak The Mighty" the setting of the ICU interacts with the conflict to develop the theme. In the story Freak is in the ICU and having trouble with his body. Max used courage to go visit Freak and they developed their friendship in the short time they were in the room. This is how the setting of the ICU interacts with the conflict and develops the theme. The theme is first introduced when Max has the courage to go help Freak . This is what really starts their friendship. It is developed when they have their many adventures together. For example, their mission to get the purse had a lot of courage. When Max and Freak had to go to Iggy and Lorretta's house it took a lot of courage. When they came back they had had a strenghtend friendship. Freak says this after their scary adventure on page 7,"whoa, now that was and adventure huh?" This shows Max that Freak is a very courageous kid. This is how the author develops the theme.

Reflection and Application of Theme.

I think the theme, Courage Develops Strong Friendships is a good them about life. I agree with the theme because I know that courage can start friendships. I think the author developed the theme well. He had many experiences where courage strengthened or started a friendship. I think this theme is relevant to our generation right now because we are just starting to get to way harder things and sometimes we might need friends to help us. We also might just need courage to get us through some hard, scary or embarrassing things. This is why I think the theme is good and the author developed it well.

Summary of Book

Freak the Mighty is a book about friendship and courage. In the book it starts with a kid named Max who has a learning disability. He has courage and goes to help a boy named Kevin who has a physical disability. They become great friends and through the book they have many adventures together.