RC Mac Community News

May 25-29

Dear RC Families,

This week will be a busy one at RC MacDonald! We have PAC meeting on Monday, Tree Canada planting in the afternoons, Welcome to Kindergarten on Wednesday and preparations for June 1st partial attendance. Parents can expect to receive information daily as we ramp up towards June, including a second parent survey.

For Families Staying Home

My sincere thanks and appreciation to those families who are able to keep their children at home continuing with online learning and perhaps visiting the school outdoors to plant a tree or participating in the Zoom PAC meeting, Your children will safely continue their education at home. Your actions allow more space in the building for children who will need to attend so their parents can return to work. Your contributions towards our school community continue to be amazing- thank you!

For Families Attending School

I am confident that your children will be safe and healthy at school in June. Please prepare for a different school experience. I have attached a social story into the newsletter that may help. I will open the shutters and blinds each day this week so you can stop by safely outdoors and take a peek at the classrooms. My hope is that students will be able to return to their usual classroom with their regular teacher in small groups. The fact is that we are at max capacity for Grade 1 and Kindergarten and I may have to use the gym as a classroom for some students. The school day will remain the same - 8:55- 3:00 but you can anticipate that your child will be waiting in a line up between 8:55-9:05 as we follow safe entry with students entering one at a time, washing hands and taking their seat at a designated work station.

Continuous Learning in June

  • Teachers will be lesson planning using the online platform. ALL students will complete these lessons whether they are at home or at school.
  • Teachers who were conducting online class meetings will likely shift those to Wednesdays as they will be supervising children in person on the other days of the week.
  • Students who attend partial days at school will not receive extra lessons or instruction. The day at school will move at a "pandemic pace" with lots of staggered line ups, hand washing, teacher supervised eating times, and several outdoor activities each day supervised by teachers in addition to regular recess and lunch play. Gym, Library and Music rooms are closed.

What if I change my mind regarding my child's attendance?

Yes, you can change your mind. Please inform the Office (contact me by email or phone Ms. LaTulippe). The parent surveys are for planning purposes.The safest way to group the children is in small numbers with their usual teacher. If those groups are full due to physical room space then I will use the gym for another group. The idea? Those groups or cohorts remain together through the month, thereby exposing your children to a minimal number of other children. There will be two recesses and two lunches so that a max number of about 35 children would be having outdoor free play time at once.

What about Wednesdays?

On Wednesdays teachers will be dividing their teaching time between working on the online learning platform and regular teacher preparation work: preparing lessons, assessing student work, and report card writing. The only students at school will be those of our Essential Service Workers. Those students will report to the front door of the school and work in the gym and outside that day with Ms. Hutton and our Education Assistants. The rest of the school will be fully cleaned on Wednesdays to prepare for the M-Z cohort attending school Thursday and Friday.

Please reach out by email if you have more questions about June. I will be communicating as often as needed this week to share pertinent information with you.

Hope to see you outside planting some trees and shrubs over the next few afternoons.

Take care and stay healthy,

Mrs. Roberts

Upcoming Dates

May 25,26,27 Planting Afternoons- Volunteers needed!

May 25th PAC Meeting on Zoom

May 27th Welcome to Kindergarten - Pick Up a "Welcome Bag", Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

June 1st School opens for part time on site attendance

June 21st Father's Day

June 25th Report Card Pick Up

Big picture

Tree Canada Volunteers

Volunteer Planters Needed! Thanks to those who have contacted the Office to make an appointment. We will have lots of opportunities for planting- there are still spots left.

Replanting trees and shrubs; a necessary step in rebuilding a healthy RC Mac forest!

We have the plants, tools and the physical distancing plan to ensure every student has the opportunity to participate in the planting. Planting starts Monday so call 604-936-0447 or or email troberts@sd43.bc.ca ASAP to schedule your preferred time slot over 30 -60 minutes in length.

Each planter will be provided a photographic map of which tree stump they are replanting for, plant ID number(s), and planting instructions. The ID number of their plant(s) will match those of the stake at the associated planting location. A planting ambassador will be available on site to assist with questions.

For those who can’t participate in the planting, there is lots of opportunity to: enhance habitat within the planting areas (mulching, sticks, stumps, logs, rocks), bug hotels, mason bee houses, labelling on rocks as to the species of plants and of course participation on the watering schedule.

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