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Can You Believe it's Already May?? Where are the months going....Here's some Fun Facts & Did Ya Knows; Enjoy!

A new month is with us; the month of the flowers, the fifth month of the year and also, the month in which huge and important celebrations take place! Welcome May!

Each month of the year has stories to tell and May, is an outstanding one! therefore, here are 6 Interesting facts about the month of May that you didn't know:

1. The month May was named for Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility.

2. In any given year, no month ever begins or ends on the same day of the week as May does.

3. May's birthstone is the emerald which is emblematic of love and success.

4. May was once considered a bad luck month to get married. There is a poem that says "Marry in May and you'll rue the day".

5. The United Kingdom celebrates May as the National Smile Month.

6. On May 1, 1931, the Empire State Building was officially opened.

Random FUN Facts!!!! (Some of these are really funny!!) LOL

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