partners in crime

Two partners in crime!

The Giant Hog Weed that came from the Caucasus mountains and was introduced to the Okanogan in 1960. it came here in the planting soil and as decor for people gardens. you do not want to deal with these your self because they are toxic to the touch you are better off letting the officials deal with it.

The Common Carp that was from Eurasia and was first in the states in 1850 and then it came to the Okanogan in 1917. It only came to North America for Fish food. Koi is the same fish but it is the domestic version of it.

How to keep them under control

Giant hog weed - do not buy or sell giant hog weed seed, remove plants or put a tarp over top of them so they suffocate.

Common carp - the only way to prevent these fish is to not put them is lakes and to fish them out of lakes.

There hang outs

The common carp likes to hang out in the okanogan lake and ponds around kelowna.

Giant hog weed likes to hang out where ever there is rich soil and bare soil for them to grow in.

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mug shots

It can grow up to 6 meters tall.

The white liquid that is inside the steam of the plant is toxic to humans to the touch.

There 5 - 10 cm stems are hollow.

They can produce up to 120,000 seed in there life time that can last for up to 15 years.