Representing images in binary

all about how computers store and remember images


When you change the resolution of an image it changes. when you decrease the resolution it makes the picture smaller and pix-elated. DPI (dots per inch) is the measurement that resolution is measured in. if you decrease the DPI then the picture become pix-elated and becomes unclear. but when you increase the DPI then the picture only becomes bigger the quality doesn't increase because the computer will double what is already there.

The representation of an image in binary

When there is an image on a computer, it gives each colour a binary number whether it is 4 bit or 16 bit. The computer will also have a key to show what each different binary number means. cou[led with the key and the binary number is the meta data which consists of the colour depth, resolution, hight, width and length. this is how a computer stores and remembers and image.

Colour depth