Halstead Holla

6th grade Lab Swag News from Room B104 at NRJH

Upcoming events:

  • Our book share at Marek Elementary was an out of this world success! I am so proud of my Longhorn's. Our Longhorns were shinging so bright, you could see them from the outer planets!
  • School Dance today, October 9th, theme is 'All white with a splash of color'. 6:30-9 (School appropriate attire or better, not formal...more like picture day cute and your boogie woogie shoes!)
  • Progress reports go home today. As the end of your students 1st grading period in junior high approaches, this long weekend would be a fantastic time to reflect on what your child feels their strengths and weaknesses in the classroom are and use them to set goals for the next nine weeks.
  • New unit was launched today, your child should get a new to do sheet on Tuesday when we return for school, or can visit it early on Edmodo and Google classrooms in the earth folders.
  • No school for students on Monday 10/12
  • Test Corrections and retake after school Wednesday until 4:45. If your child scored at a 75 or below, a retake is available.
  • Mrs. Caudell has brought it to my attention that there is an Astronomy day at the Brazos State Park on October 24th. Could be a real stellar family event!
  • Our next unit is only 3 weeks long. Your child will be studying the Earth Structure, plate tectonics and geological events because of plate tectonics. Your children will be working in groups to build a model of the earth and it's layers the last week of October and their model and presentation will be due on Oct. 30th. The great thing is that your child should already know the layers of the earth, we are just adding in a little extra vocabulary and plate tectonics. Students have learned what happened inside the earth in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, now they will be learning about why. Should be a blast!
  • Box Tops are due next Friday, Oct. 16th.
  • Any donations of play dough (next week), Oreo cookies (end of next week), cool whip, graham crackers (next week), wax paper, Starburst candies (needed in 3 weeks) would be greatly appreciated. :)