Mark Twain's life


  • He was born the year of 1835
  • Died 1910
  • He was born in the city of Floria Missouri
  • Samuel L. Clemens wrote under the pen name Mark Twain and went on to pen several novels
  • Died on April 21, 1910

Early childhood

  • His father was a judge
  • Was poor health
  • Did not go outside because his poor health
  • By nine he was outside
  • He was the sixth of seven children


  • By 13 he was out of school
  • He enjoyed writing
  • circle of knowledge by finding information in public libraries.

  • An eleven year old Mark took a job of typesetter in 1851

  • At age 18, Mark twain left this job and became a printer in New York City.


  • Licensed pilot driver
  • Printer
  • News reporter all over the united states
  • Civil war
  • he developed a huge attachment for the river, which would become a subject of his books in later life.


  • Married Olivia Langdon
  • Had 4 children
  • One died as an infant
  • One died in there 20'
  • There was two girls that survived


  • Loved entertaining little girls
  • He kept scrapbooks
  • He enjoyed writing
  • He liked making poems
  • He loved making quotes