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We make your dream vacations come true quick.

About High Speed Travel Agency

High Speed Travel Agency is a traveling agency that will help you get to any destination of your choice. Most destinations that we have here have great promotions that you will not want to give up. We well help you get anywhere you want for a good price. So take a week of and plan your trip here with High Speed travel Agency!

Grand Opening Promotion

High Speed Travel Agency is have a summer opening promotion!

The promotion includes:

  • 7 night and 8 day stay
  • Round trip flight
  • 5 star hotel
  • 3 free dinner (at the places listed below)
  • $2,999 for first person
  • 15% of the second person
  • promotion valid June and July of 2015

About Tokyo

  • Location: Tokyo,Japan
  • Population: Approximately 37.8 million
  • Climate: hot humid summers and generally mild winters with cool spells.
  • Currency:1 Dollar=119.81 Yen
  • Language: 37.8 million
  • common phrases:

    Hi!= Yaa.

    I'm lost= Mayotte shimai mashita.

    Do you speak?= Anata wa eigo/nihongo wo hanashimasu ka?


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Places To Visit


Daily Itinerary

  • Wake up and go to breakfast at 9AM
  • At 10 AM get a ride to The Imperial Palace
  • At 1 go to the Tokyo tower
  • At 4 go and visit The Sensoji Temple
  • At 6 go eat dinner at One of the three free restaurants
  • At 8 go visit any place you'd like to see at night

Contact Us

To contact Victor Garza

Email Address: victorgarzaHSTA@Gmail.org

Phone Number: 1-800-332-7654


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