Willow Parent Bulletin # 19

January 29, 2021

Dear Families,

The winter weather is finally here! I love to leave the building at night and see all the families out on Willow hill. The Park District had the brilliant idea of Little Sled Library for those who may not own a sled. If you haven't been by, it looks like more opportunities will come this weekend! The hill is a great place to remind your wildcat to follow the Willow Way: Be Safe, Be Caring, Be Ready.

Virtual Backpack

The Virtual backpack on the District webpage has all kinds of information about things happening in the community....PTA, PMA, Homewood, Baseball, etc. It's one stop shopping! https://www.hsd153.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1250307&type=d&pREC_ID=1475665

Material Pick Up Survey

We still need your input about the best way to manage materials pick up. Please take our quick survey:


Looking for a few good men and women

As we make preparations for students to come back into the building, we also have a need for supervisors. These paid positions are normally for recess and cafeteria, but will take on a different type of role for the remainder of this year. This year will include things like temperature checks, monitoring hallways and bathrooms, helping with arrival and dismissal, escorting students in the building, and assisting other staff as needed. You will be expected to follow the building safety protocols at all times.

The hours are from 7:45-10:45 Monday through Friday. If interested, please stop by the Willow Office for an application.

Weekly Announcements starring Ms. Martin

Please join Ms. Martin as she does the Pledge of Allegiance and wishes Happy Birthday to this week's celebrators.


Book Blurb- "Sky Color"

Sky Color is a delightful addition to our collection written by Peter H. Reynolds. Marisol, the main character, is so excited to have the opportunity to help paint the school mural. She offers to paint the sky. When Marisol discovers she has no blue paint she is stumped. How can you paint the sky blue when you don’t have blue paint? What transpires is Marisol’s realization that the sky isn’t always blue and how her dreams inspired her to find a new sky color. The Homewood Public Library has this book available in several different formats.

Social Emotional Learning this week: Cooperating

As children develop their abilities to express feelings and ideas, understand the feelings and perspectives of others, and exhibit self-control by paying attention and inhibiting impulsive behavior, they are better equipped to play and cooperate with others. Cooperative play creates opportunities for children to teach and learn from one another—two (or more) heads are often better than one. It also motivates them to be aware and supportive of mutual group goals, fosters a sense of interdependence, and emphasizes that communication and teamwork are important for success—each person’s contributions are important and valued.