I am Number Four

BY: Pittacus Lore

440 Pages

The one book where your soul will be taken to a land full of powers, monsters, and charms.


I am Number Four is a mysterious novel about an unusual boy who is actually an alien from the Planet Lorien. It all started when 9 kids named 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 escaped to earth to escape to earth to get away from the Monogordians. Before the nine kids left, there was a charm put on them that says they can only be killed in order, and if the nine kids come together the Monogordians will be killed. Unfortunately, 1,2, and 3 were already killed. Four is next in line. When 4 and his Cepean or guardian learned that 3 was dead, they moved to Paradise, Ohio. 4 became John and his Cepean became Henri. For the first time, John has a friend, a girlfriend, and an enemy that is a human. Together with a "dog" (who is actually his pet on Lorien who can transform into any animal) they work together to defeat the Monogordians along wit the help of Number 6.


Point of View- First person: It is told in John's pint of view.

Theme-You can always use the Powers and talents inside you to fight your fears, no matter how abnormal you are.

Relation to theme-I think this theme has related to me when I played soccer in fifth grade. I knew I was really bad controlling the ball, so I really wanted to be the goalie. Everyone knew this was my first time playing soccer, so no one let be the goalie. I felt very discouraged and I did not play at all. Later on, the members gave me one try. I knew that I could not blow this. I focused on the ball really hard and I blocked it every single time except for the last. After that, I was the goalie all the time. I just had to use all the talents inside me.

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John Smith

He is the main character of the book. He is also known as number four. He traveled to earth to escape the Monogordians and survive to help Lorien. When he moves to Ohio, he actually has a life and his first legacies developed. This means he can finally open the chest with Henri. But if Henri dies, John can open it by himself. When the Monogordians come, he uses his legacies to defeat them in a battle.


Henri is the guardian of John who has helped John all his life. He goes to a printing press to find out about a newsletter about Lorien. He then realizes that Monogordians are nearby. When he tells John that they have to move again, John refuses because he wants his friends. Due to this action a battle arises where Henri dies. Before he dies, he tells John about the chest that he can open by himself. He says that John did not come to Ohio on purpose. And then___________.

Sam Goode

Sam is a nerd who is obsessed with aliens. He is the best friend of John Smith and the first human to know who John Smith really is. Sam also thinks his dad has been abducted by aliens.(This is partly true, but it comes later on in the series.) Sam helps John at the final battle and helps John reveal some secrets.


Sarah is just a minor character in I am Number Four. She is the second person to realize that John is an alien. At the end she saves John's life by killing a Monogordian who is inches from John.


In the beginning of the book, he is a bully towards John. But when John saves his dogs in a fire and finds out he is an alien, he becomes a good friend to John. He also helps John fight while keeping Sarah safe.


Six is another alien from Lorien. She comes in the end invisibly(This is one of her legacies along with making storms at random times). With her legacies she helps John in the battle. She also takes John, Sam, and Bernie Kosar to hide in another place leaving Sarah and Mark behind.

Bernie Kosar

Bernie Kosar was Four's pet in Lorien. He secretly rides the Space Ship to earth and travel with Four anonymously(since he can change animals whenever he wants to). John realizes who Bernie Kosar is during the battle when he changes into some kind of dragon looking thing. He also risks his whole life for John, but he slowly recovers though he has a broken leg.