Marketing Plan

Jean Purse

Materials list:

Scissors, jeans, stapler


1) cut off o ne of the pant off the legs as bug as yopu want the purse to be.

2) staple which ever part you want to be the bottom of the purse.

3) cut ouyt a curved shaped part of the jeans

4) staple the curved shaped part that was cut out of the jeans on to the non stapled part of the purse

5) add any designs that you want

Benefit of jean purse

The jean purse has so many benefits. If you ever have a pair of jeans that you do not wear anymore, instead of throwing it out, you should turn it into something useful again, like the jean purse. The jean purse is very useful and it can hold your valuables, like your phone and money.It can also last for a very long time and Is very secure