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What is Media?

What is Media?

When you hear the word “media” a lot probably comes to mind. For instance maybe you think of TV and the news, or paparazzi. What I think of though is anything that is put out for anyone to see. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, CNN, Google, Newspaper, magazines, and much more, are all ways that media is brought to the public. Media can be about famous people or about your everyday Joe. Media is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Now a person curios about what is happening in the world can whip out an iPhone and see in less than a couple seconds. This same person can do all that while the video of a cat playing ping pong is paused in the background, the amount of media available is mind blowing. These media sites can all be used to help represent you and make yourself look appealing. They can also be used to tarnish your reputation and make you out to be something you’re not. Whether they help or hurt you all comes down to your knowledge of being able to manipulate them. This is what I would call being media literate. There is more to being media literate than just having a social network account or tuning into the news. Being media literate also has to do with being able to view a piece of media and understand what it is talking about. Another key to being media literate is seeing and making an accurate decision on whether the media you just witnessed is reliable or just a good story.

Tim Tebow's "No Contract" T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl Précis

In T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial “Tim Tebow Shows What You Can do With No Contract” (2014), they joke that Tim Tebow doesn’t have a contract in order to focus on not having a contract with a phone company. They develop an idea of greatness associated with no contract. They make this point by showing Tebow doing random yet exciting things, like delivering a baby, or football on the moon all without having contract in order to show there is lots of benefits to not having contract. The target audience is people who are tied down by a cellular contract and want to get out of one.


Goodbye - Wiz Khalifa by SharodMaynie
Wiz Khalifa Goodbye (Clean Version) - DJ Whatcha Say Mix

How "Goodbye" by Wiz Khalifa relates to 1984

“Goodbye” by Wiz Khalifa. Okay so I know what you are thinking. How on earth can this song possibly relate to “1984”? However a lot of the things mentioned in this song can be connected to the book. Wiz says “Get to starving for a plate, well don't give it when they hate.” This can make a connection to when Winston is being tortured and starved. Big Brother wants him to love the party but Winston won’t do it, Big Brother is “Hatin”. Also one could relate his lines “Couple “friends” in the system, so I roll no telling where I'm landing But I know something, That I'm going towards the money.” to the book very easily as well. Winston had a lot of people he knew that got vaporized or were being tortured as well (in the system). Winston was also “rolling” not knowing where he was going to land either. He was “rolling” towards rebelling and fighting against the party. He knew there was a good chance he would get vaporized too but he also was unsure where it was going to land him, vaporized? Tortured? Sent to a work camp? Get away with it? All he knew was that he was going towards the “money” which would be successfully rebelling against the party. Wiz says “Can’t stand my older brother”. This is an obvious connection because Winston hated Big Brother. He also says “I'm a be grinding till the day that I expire”. Winston was “grinding” against the party until the day that he expired. And by expired I mean he was grinding against the party until they brain washed him into loving the party and then killed him.

Reflecting Back On This Class

Over the semester of being in this media literacy class I have learned more than I ever thought I would. My views have changed somewhat since my first smore entry. I still believe what I posted originally however, I feel that I have an even better understanding of media. I understand better how it manipulates me and my peers. How it degrades women and I also understand better how to use it for my own good, and how to use it safely. A major thing that I learned from this class actually has to do with privacy and 1984. It made me realize that it is very important to keep your rights no matter how small of a right it may be. It taught me that I do have a voice and that if I don’t agree with something there is many ways to get my view and concerns out there. I really learned that I don’t have to stand for something that goes against what I believe and that I can fight back. This class was very different from any other language arts class I have taken. In other language arts classes we would have discussions about the book we were reading that week. But in this class we would have discussions about everyday life and how it related to us and I really enjoyed that. We would talk about current events or how a situation could impact us personally. We talked a lot about people’s beliefs and went into deep conversations without really getting any feelings hurt. That made this class very enjoyable but also very beneficial. I would not change much about this class. The only thing I would change would maybe be not have done that big long annotation packet, but still it wasn't even that bad so I really wouldn't change anything.