Staci's Shining Stars

September 2015

A Message from Me...

We made it through the let the madness begin! The holiday madness, that is! This is the time of the year where Thirty-One does the majority of their business! What does that mean for you? That means...if you build it, they will come! Everyone is looking for that perfect unique holiday gift. You just have to share our amazing products with them! Wear your favorites wherever you go - you know you are your own walking billboard! Make sure you have your business card and/or mini's with you and work it girls! Ha!

This is also the best time to work on a booking blitz. That's what I did this weekend! I now have an extra October party on the books, as well as 2 November parties! Sometimes, we get nervous of rejection. Personally, I love hearing the "no's" because that means I am just a bit closer to a "yes"!

I am going to keep repeating this saying...what you get out of your business depends on what you put into your business!

Make it a great month!

xoxo, Staci

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Welcome to Thirty-One Gifts and the Shining Stars Team!!!




Entire Downline Sales - $8,226.00

Active Consultants - 31

# of States - 8

Number of Parties - 18

Same time previous year:

Entire Downline Sales - $12,892.00

Active Consultants - 33

# of States - 8

Number of Parties - 27


Entire Downline Sales - $8,055.50

Active Consultants - 33

# of States - 8

Number of Parties - 19

Same time previous year:

Entire Downline Sales - $5,074.00

Active Consultants - 32

# of States - 8

Number of Parties - 13

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As a member of the Thirty-One family, you bring a set of unique gifts to the party. Whether you’re great at selling, team-building or running your business, there’s something special that makes you an indispensable gift to your Customers, Hostesses and us.

Join us as we gather to celebrate your gifts and your party skills at our upcoming “Share Your Gifts” events being held at locations across the country Oct. 3-10.

We’re heading into the final stretch of 2015 – and that means lots of potential parties and building even more relationships as we get closer to the holidays. Making connections is the best way to “Share Your Gifts” this season, whether it’s the gift of a party, products that fit her needs, or the amazing opportunity to be part of Thirty-One!

At our October event, we’ll help build upon your party skills so you’re able to find the success you are looking for, start next year with a full calendar and confidence in your business!

What else can you expect when you register? We’ll focus much of our time on the power of the party, including Hostess Coaching with new information on invitations and holiday selling, including a gifting experience for your Customers. We want to make sure that you have all the tools you need to make the holiday season a huge success!

If you participated in our 12 Weeks of Summer campaign, you have even more reason to join us, because our earners for the second six weeks of the program will be recognized for all their hard work!

Though there won’t be a product amenity at the “Share Your Gifts” event, what you will be receiving is so much more valuable – the skills you need to have a strong end to your year and a secure calendar!

Register to attend an event beginning Wednesday, Aug. 19 through 11:59 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Sept. 2. We'll also offer late registration beginning Wednesday, Sept. 9 through11:59 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to recognize what a gift we are to each other and what a gift the Thirty-One opportunity is to you!

Shining Stars - Fiesta Contest

Adrienne & I (along with our husbands) will be leaving in just one week for the amazing Riviera Maya, Mexico! I am so excited that Thirty-One has allowed me to earn this amazing opportunity once again! Be on the lookout for ways to win some goodies from my trip to Mexico!!!
Don't forget to check the Business Update section on ThirtyOneToday often! From shipping status to inventory updates...even stop sell items - the Business Update section has all the information you are looking for!!! Let me know if you need help finding this!

Better Together - StartSwell

There is no better time to join our team OR to grow yours!!!!

The Better Together StartSwell program is our gift to you this holiday season!

Start your Thirty-One business strong by earning FREE products, business supplies and amazing cash bonuses with our amazing new Better Together StartSwell program!

For the first time ever, you can earn rewards not only at $600 in Personal Volume (PV), but also at $1,000 and $2,400! The more you party, the more you’ll earn!

If you joined Thirty-One between Sept. 1 and Dec. 29, 2015, you can earn up to FOUR $100 or $250 bonuses during your first 120 days! (Anyone who joined June 2, 2015, to Aug. 31, 2015, can earn at least one bonus – see chart below for details.)

Plus, if you party consistently during your first four months, you’ll earn even more rewards!

Every new Consultant’s first 120 days are broken down into four 30-day segments.

If you submit $600 or more in PV during one of those 30-day segments, you’ll get to choose one of eight kits to help you customize your business. That’s just ONE average party a month, with 10-12 guests.

If you hold TWO average parties in a 30-day period and submit $1,000 PV you’ll earn your choice if kit plus a $100 bonus!

And with $2,400 PV (just four average parties) during a StartSwell period, you’ll earn your choice of kit plus a $250 bonus!

When you add in commission, there’s NO LIMIT to what you can make!

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My Personal Stats - August

  • My PV - $1,002.00
  • Number of Parties - 2
  • Number of Recruits - 1
  • 25% Commission (and my paycheck had I not chosen leadership) - $250.50
  • Total Paycheck as a Director - $497.28