London, United Kingdom

Live To Dine

When at a restaurant all you have to do to get the servers attention is by raising your hand. Don't forget you can always ask for seconds. a popular dish you should try is hagges which is meat cooked to perfection and with good seasoning. And when your done eating the server gives the bill to whoever requests it. So go to London for the food.

From The Past To The Present

First off did you know the United Kingdom is one of the oldest existing countries in the world. Plus the United kingdom has not been successfully since 1066. Also the United Kingdom was connected to the rest of Europe by land bridge. And you want to see art from hundreds of years ago go visit one of London's many art galleries and museums. So why not explore London and see what you can discover.

Activities, Entertainment, And More

See what kinds of exiting entertainment you have yet to discover. First off London is so popular about 30,000,000 people visit each year. And when your out and about go visit one of London's wonderful galleries. On top of that you also watch movies as well. And if you want soccer then visit London because soccer is the most popular sport in the country. You won't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Sights And Scenery

Visit the wonderful city of London to see the landmarks and historical sights. First off if you want to make your children happy go visit the biggest toy store in the world. Second ride on the London Eye. It was made to mark the new millennium. And was built and finished in 2000. So be sure to visit one of these landmarks.


Learn the different languages that people in London use everyday.first off most people in London use English since it is their official language. But some people also speak Irish, Welsh, and Scottish. Some people even speak more than one language. and don't forget that people in London spell some words differently. So be sure to remember these tips if you visit London.

The Weather Channel

Get the scoop about the weather in London. Well most of the time in London it is mostly wet and temperate. But don't worry the weather changes frequently. In the summer time it gets to about 70 degrees which is just right. And if your in London and it is winter be sure to get ready for the best snow day of your life! So visit London for the warm, beautiful summers and cool, wonderful winters.
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