Get Fit at Ryan 216

May 2015-Phys Ed Newsletter

Team Handball

Is it Football? Is it Basketball? No, it’s the first ever unit of Team Handball here at Ryan Middle School. Team Handball, also known as European Handball, is a mix between Football and Basketball. This sport features throwing, catching and dribbling a ball of five inches in diameter. Students will be participating in a team handball tournament. Prior to the tournament, different skills will be taught to ready our students for game situations. Throwing, catching, dribbling, and goal tending will be some of the skills that your child will be experiencing. The rules of the game will be explained to the students, along with different types of strategies, which they will apply to game situations. Team Handball is a game that helps with a child’s cardiovascular endurance, while challenging their gross motor skills.

Healthy Living Tips

  • Drink water and low-fat milk or fat-free milk.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables at every meal.
  • Enjoy a healthy meal with your family.
  • Turn off the TV and talk about your day.