Water Problems By: Katya Grygorenko

There is no life without water.....

'China's Water '

So many people live there, as much as 20% of the worlds population in fact. Sadly, China only carries 7% of the worlds freshwater resides in it. 37% is to toxic to become in contact in human contact. The used to be full freshwater stocks are running very low, soon it will run out completely


Water in India is wasted. There is a huge lack of sustainable water. India only has 20 years, until it reaches critical condition.


1/3 of Spain is being risked to turn into a desert. River Tieter ran dry for the first time in history. Southeast Spain is drying so much, its risking getting turned into Africa's dry climate. Hundreds of thousand of illegal wells are draining the fragile ecosystem.
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More that 76% of California is currently in a extreme drought. The governor has declared this entire state in emergency. Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona,Kansas , New Mexico and Nevada are also facing an extreme drought affecting 56%-87% of the states.
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