Dystopian Controls

By Brodie Bauman

Corporate Controls

Corporate Control is when one or many large corporations control society through products, advertising and media coverage.

Examples of Corporate Controls

MONSANTO VIDEO REVOLT | FOX News Reporters Fired For Exposing Monsanto
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Have you ever seen the movie WALL-E? You know how all of the world in that movie was owned by one super corporation that did everything. Well slowly but surely our world is starting to look more and more like that one. I believe that corporations play a major part in our government and how legislation is passed. You can see this in many different examples. Such as how back in the late 90s and early 2000s two Fox13 news reporters were fired from their jobs because they wanted to do a news piece on how the company Monsanto was using BGH on their cows without properly testing it for human safety. Or how 6 corporations control 90% of the media that we consume on a daily basis. And how its only a matter of time before they all buy each other and become one big monopoly.

With the example of the Fox news reporters, you are really able to see how much legal pressure large companies are able to put on the media. They were able to suppress the news story for long enough by making the reporters rewrite the story over and over and over again eighty three times. Until finally their contract was up and they could fire them. Then after being able to gain whistleblower status by the government they were able to sue Fox news. Only to have their whistleblower status revoked because they had found out that there actually was no law in distorting the news and lying on national television to millions of people.

Then you have the 6 companies that control essentially everything that you see in the news or on TV or really any other media outlet. These six companies are GE, News-Courp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. This is actually insane, when you watch TV, seventy percent of everything you watch is owned by these 6 companies. The other thirty percent is comprised of 3,762 other companies. And with Comcast and NBC’s merger, 1 of every 5 hours of TV you watch is owned by them. They also have a monopoly of eleven US markets, such as New York and Chicago. Think about how many options you have for a cable or internet provider where you live. There aren't very many are there? That is even if there is another option. And the worst part is, unless you live in any of the cities with google fiber, all of your options are terrible.

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