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Monthly Booster Newsletter - February 2021

London/Edinburg 2022

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High School Musical Cast Announced


Troy Bolton - John Aslanes

Chad Danforth - Ben Elieson

Zeke Baylor - Dylan Lampe

Jason - Jay Arriola


Gabriella Montez - Miriam Aslam

Taylor Mckessie - Becca Wilson

Martha Cox - Annie Rose Greenman

Kratnoff - Claire Weiss

Melissa Nolasco Pineda

Emma Henon


Sharpay Evans - Cala Tenhaeff

Ryan Evans - Carson Blake

Kelsi Nielsen - Indira Langhum

James - Austin Taylor

Susan - Jessica Hartung

Cathy - Avery Ebert

Cyndra - Tara Southerland

Skater Dudes/Party Kids:

Jack Scott - John Elieson

Ripper - Landon Linn

Mongo - Mackenzie Green

Samiha Hamzayeva

Eliana Safarian

Ben Shumaker

Basketball players/Cheerleaders:

Ani Dykes

Jessica Hartung

Lauren Ignazzitto

Liliana Rossi


Ms. Darbus - Mina Hakimpour

Coach Bolton - Arjun Setty

Ms. Tenny/Drum Major - Rachel Beach

Moderator - Esi Esi-Quansah
Submit Well Wishes

Must be submitted by March 20, 2021

Business AD for Musical

Due by March 20, 2021

Do Something Dramatic! The Potomac Falls Drama Boosters Award (seniors only)

Award: The Potomac Falls Drama Boosters is offering financial awards to Potomac Falls High School graduating seniors pursuing higher education in the Performing Arts. The number and amount of awards will be determined by the submissions received not to exceed $2000.

Deadline: March 26, 2021

Alumni Spotlight - Becca Lipshultz

Becca Lipshultz is a 2020 alum and is beginning her second semester as a freshman at Oklahoma City University for a double BM in Music Theatre and Music Composition. She is currently in the process of writing and staging a song cycle as well as acting video editor for the composers group, project 21. She is also actively seeking out student film opportunities on campus as well as student works such as her own song cycle and a few virtual plays. Because of the pandemic, Becca has been focusing more on her music, and has a new single coming out February 5th, but she hopes to return to the stage as soon as it is safe to do so!

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