Crime is No Joke

Being safe online

Being Safe Online

If you go online, you have to be safe. Sure, it's fun to post funny photos, check out what your favourite celebrity is doing, the latest news, but you have to do it safely.

For an example, posting photos. You want to post photos? Make sure it's got nothing that will offend or cause you to lose friends. Think before you upload it. Don't post any photos that show any inappropriate content. It's against the law. It might feel like an awesome thing to do at first, but trust me, you'll regret it. Are you really desperate to go to jail? Then think before you post.

Just imagine for a second. You've posted a slightly revealing photo of yourself, thinking "Oh, this'll get me loads of likes on Facebook! I'll be so popular! Whoopee!"

You don't need likes to become popular. After you post the photo, your whole life will be wrecked apart and ruined. The photo will be passed around the school, until the point of your expulsion. It'll be on your record for the rest of your life. Think about how hard it will be to get a job (to get money, you'll be poor forever...), to get a place in a university, to get a place in a new school! Your friends, if you still have any by the time the principal expels you, will move on whilst you go searching for a new school, or even a new place to live in.

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