Save The Honey Bees

Honey Bees


Does a queen bee have another queen bee?

What if we didn’t take there honey?

What if bees didn’t pollenate things?

If the original queen bee dies do they have another queen bee?

On average how long does it take to make a bee hive?

Is there usually more females than males or more males than females in a hive?

Is there a specific place they make their hives?


Yes another queen bee does have the queen bee but what happens is the worker bees pick a larva and feed it specially and they feed it royal jelly

There wouldn’t be is much of food because a lot of food has honey in it

If bees didn’t pollenate there still wouldn’t be is much food because vegetables are plants and they wouldn’t grow is fast and most foods have at least 1 vegetable in it

Yes once the queen bee dies they pick another specially larva and feed it specially and that’s the queen bee

The bees can on average make a beehive in about a month depending on the colony and conditions

There is usually more males than females in a beehive

They don’t have a specific place but they prefer dark areas