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8 August 2018


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“Am I being my very best in all the activities I do and also the relationships I have?” At Prendiville, the answer to this question is always YES!

It was certainly a sensational week of celebrating our students being their very best! There is so much joy from celebrating exciting achievements and the efforts of others. This week we celebrate:

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It was wonderful to celebrate student achievement at this week's assembly. The assembly exemplified that through time we will reap the rewards of enthusiasm and dedicated commitment.

The committed work of the StAR Committee is really beginning to have a deeper influence at Prendiville and the awarding of the College's first Honours was a significant moment for the College and students. The awarding of Honours recognises a long-term commitment to excellence by a student. They are special awards and I hope our students wear their Honours Badge with pride.

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Thank you to Ms Fiona Leck and all members of the StAR (Student Awards and Recognition) Committee who have committed to many meetings and sessions over the past three and a half years to put in place a meaningful process and model for Student Awards and Recognition (StAR). The work of this group continues to celebrate students doing their best and continues to build a culture where excellence is giving our best in the activities we do and the relationships we have.

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What a magnificent story with Christopher Hummel's achievement of first place at the Meta Art Exhibition! Chris was recognised through this award academically, creatively and technically. The photo of him receiving his award and his response to the award was simply beautiful and is a reminder that every student has greatness within them. More about Chris below.


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Congratulations to Mr Ryan Lockyer and students for their progress in their football competition this term, having moved onto a larger bracket competition after winning their CAS premiership. The success of our football team is another great example that success takes time. The commitment over a number of years from staff and students is bringing successful results. Success does not just happen but needs guidance, care, enthusiasm and a relentless commitment over time.


In a different way we celebrate the work of the Pastoral Consult process, which has yielded changes with great possibilities for our College. The sharing of the decisions from the consult will bring energy, excitement and challenges to a new era of pastoral organisation at the College.

The following is the communication sent to all our community members on Friday:

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I acknowledge the leadership of Mrs Antonette Fazzari and Mr Simon Kanakis who have facilitated a consultation process of depth and breadth, working with the Pastoral Consult Group to deliver recommendations which have created quite a unique model of pastoral organisation for our College. Many hours of discussion and discernment have taken place to make the underpinning decisions.

Implementation of the new model has been mapped out and the Leadership Team will work methodically over the coming months to ensure a very organised transition from our current model to the new model, which will begin at the start of 2019. There will be regular communications to staff, students and parents as this takes place.


The College is working in partnership with BankWest to establish a relationship with the intent to develop Industry Linked Opportunities at PCC. This is a proposed pathway for students with who have strong ICT skills and are committed to developing their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

This week a group of interested students met with graduate employees working for BankWest. Their session focused on discussing a problem that they could collaborate on to create an ICT (APP) based solution for. This meeting signals the beginning of a very special venture for our students. I acknowledge the support of Mr Stephen Dargan (Parent and College Board Member), who is working with our leadership team to guide this exciting initiative.

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Prendiville Catholic College is a technologically rich environment. With the dramatic changes that continually occur in technology, particularly in the era of web-based resources and applications, the decision has been made to transition our College to a Laptop-BYOD school. This transition from iPads to laptops (BYOD) will begin in 2019. A laptop that meets the College's required specifications will be required for all Year 7 students who begin at the College in 2019. Students in other year groups will be able to continue with their iPads or bring a laptop that meets College specifications. More information will be shared with parents and students to support this transition, which we feel will be welcomed by the students.


Thank you to the large number of parents, friends, staff and students who attended the Quiz Night on Friday. The Quiz Night is always such a fun, relaxed and enjoyable evening. The event continues to grow and this year it was highlighted by the increasing number of student teams. The McQueen family are simply amazing with the running of the event and we acknowledge their commitment to the Quiz Night. This year, the competition was extreme. Congratulations to the winning table, who won in a tie-breaker round over the super talented Science Learning Area Staff team.

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The Quiz Night was another reminder how important our wonderful Parents and Friends Group are and the positive impact they have on our community. Under the leadership of Mrs Denny Piovesan, our Parents and Friends group bring joy, life and a sense of community. The Parents and Friends have also funded significant resources to the College such as a state-of-the-art laser cutter, drink fountains, outdoor furniture, yard seating, large AV monitors as well as the upgrading of the College gymnasium foyer. These are all resources that benefit all our students and enhance the overall environment of the College.

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For your children,

Mark Antulov


An invitation is extended to the Prendiville parent community to attend our weekly Prendiville 8am Wednesday Mass held in the Good Shepherd Chapel.

All are welcome.


Thank you to all grandparents who have replied for Grandparents Day. We look forward to seeing you all on Friday. Parking will be available on the tennis courts near the Performing Arts Centre.

The day will commence at 9.00am with Mass in the Good Shepherd Chapel. This will be followed by a concert and morning tea. The morning will conclude at approximately 11.00am

We look forward to seeing you all on Grandparent’s Day.



A reminder that all students are welcome to attend athletics training. This takes place on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 7am - 8.15am. Students can train for any event on both days. Kylie Wheeler attends on Monday mornings and specialises in long jump, high jump and javelin. Lyn Foreman attends on Wednesday mornings and specialises in hurdles and sprint training. It is a great opportunity for students to learn a variety of skills for Athletics and to develop their individual fitness and strength.

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Year 8/9 Boys AFL

Congratulations to the Year 8/9 Boys AFL team who have once again progressed to the next round of the Champion Schools competition (Eagles School Boys Cup). The boys defeated Carine SHS, which puts them in the top four schools in Western Australia competing in this competition. The boys will play Clontarf Aboriginal College in the semi-final on Thursday 9 August at Clontarf College in Waterford. The game will commence at 4pm. Good luck to the team, and well done for making it this far into the competition. They have been brilliant to watch all season.

Year 8/9 Girls Soccer

This Tuesday 7 August, the Year 8/9 Girls Soccer team will play their first game in the Champion Schools competition. The girls will play Woodvale SHS at Prendiville Catholic College at 4pm. All parents, staff and students are encouraged to support the team. The girls are excited for the game and are exceptional to watch. Best of luck to the team as they begin their Champion Schools competition.

Renea Mayer

Acting Sports Coordinator


The META Exhibition showcases innovative and exciting creative works by 2018 Year 11 and 12 students. META complements North Metropolitan TAFE’s prestigious Art & Design programmes and acknowledges the excellence and originality of budding artists/designers in senior secondary schools across WA.

Year 11 student, Christopher Hummel, won the major prize for his artwork titled Gaffmytrain, 2018. Christopher’s artist statement for his prizewinning work is below.

My name is Christopher Hummel and I am a Year 11 student at Prendiville Catholic College. I am also in the Education Support Centre. I paint graffiti trains from around the world. My favourite type of train is the A series. I paint trains because I love trains and I put graffiti on it because I like it, so I combined it together.

In 2017, Christopher’s work featured in the opening of the Prendiville Gallery. This year has been fantastic for Christopher as he also won the student award in the City of Joondalup’s Community Art Exhibition in June.

Congratulations Christopher!

Lynn Vroombout

TIDE Coordinator


This Thursday marks the annual Australian Mathematics Competition, where some of our students will complete in a competition against students across Australia. Those that place in the top 50% across the competition will receive a highly-regarded certificate of credit, distinction or high distinction as proof of their accomplishment.

We are celebrating Maths Week in Week 4, with a variety of fun Maths puzzles and challenges across the school for the duration of the week. We will have:

  • Daily PCG challenges
  • A Rubik’s Cube face-off on Tuesday
  • The Australian Mathematics Competition on Thursday
  • A Pi Recital Competition on Friday

It all culminates on the evening of Thursday 9 August with the second annual Think 2 Infinity event. This event is a free event where people can book a table (or a couple of seats) with friends and family, bring some snacks and pit their mathematical and logical minds against others from the Prendiville community and beyond! See the flyer below for details on how to book your free ticket.

To get you warmed up and thinking, see if you can solve the following problems:

Ten people met for lunch. Each person shook hands with each other person once, so that everyone had shaken hands with everyone. How many handshakes took place in total?

A man lives on the tenth floor of a building. Every day he takes the elevator to go down to the ground floor to go to work or to go shopping. When he returns, he takes the elevator to the seventh floor and walks up the stairs to reach his apartment on the tenth floor. However, on days it has been raining, he goes straight up to the tenth floor. He doesn’t like walking so why does he do it?

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The Prendiville Mathematics Faculty are proud to present the return of their showcase event for Maths Week 2018: Think 2 Infinity!

Last year we played games, escaped rooms and watched the film Hidden Figures. This year, join us for an evening of maths, puzzles and fun! If you love a challenge, a puzzle, or a problem to solve, thinking both inside and outside of the box, or a good quiz or Kahoot... then this event is for you!

Get together your table of six to compete in six rounds of fun challenges for fabulous prizes. If you can’t get six together – book single tickets and we can work it out on the night! (Enjoy the maths pun there?)

Date: Thursday 9 August

Time: 6pm-9pm

Location: Gateway Building, Prendiville Catholic College

This is a free event but please register for tickets via:



PCC has an aspiring software programmer in Connor McCafferty. Connor has created a mobile phone app in Year 8 Digital Technology and further developed the concept in his own time to upload it to the App Store. You can find his app, Math Rath AR, here!

Connor recently provided great insight into his passion for technology and software development.

What inspired you to create a mobile phone app?

I have been interested in technology since I was very young. I am a big fan of Apple and all of their innovative products and I wanted to understand how I could develop something that would make a difference to people. Therefore I decided to find out how to create a simple app that would help young children understand their mathematical symbols. Simple, but different, using technology such as Augmented Reality and Swift.

Is this app similar to the app you created in class?

This app is similar to the app we created in class as it is focuses on helping people understand maths better.

How many changes/improvements have you made to the mobile phone app since it was uploaded to the app store?

Since uploading the original version of the app, I have made two updates to make it simpler to use and to improve the Augmented Reality experience.

Are you interested in coding?

I am very interested in coding and have learnt how to use Swift, HTML, CSS and a little bit of Java Script, but I am keen to learn a lot more. I am hoping that my experience in publishing my app will help me develop my skills further.

Do you spend your leisure time learning digital technology?

I enjoy learning technology. I love playing my PS4, as well as developing code and understanding how technology works. My dad recently got me an old laptop which I fully dismantled, rebuilt and installed a new operating system on. This was a great learning experience for me.

Do you want a career in ICT?

I am very keen to have a career in ICT, particularly in developing and designing solutions that can make a difference to people and the way they behave and interact with technology.

Mrs Sady is looking forward to more brilliant creations from Connor McCafferty in Year 8 Digital Technology!

Bronwen Hyde

Year 8 Digital Technology Teacher



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TIDE glass-working students were invited to tour BHP’s head office on Wednesday 1 August as a thank you for their work designing and constructing nine fused glass coolamons for the 2018 NAIDOC Week awards held in Port Hedland.

Coolamons were traditionally carved from timber burls and used to carry water and food, as well as to cradle babies. Staff and students from Years 9 to 12 worked for the last six weeks of Term 2 to complete the order in time to meet BHP’s deadline. The work was checked at each phase for cultural appropriateness with the assistance of Marie Taylor, Noongar Elder, and Aboriginal Community Engagement Officer Cheryl Lennox-Bradley.

Aaron Thomas, A&I Specialist Rail Operations WAIO, organised the tour which began with a video presentation of BHP’s Integrated Remote Operations Centre (IROC). The students were invited to ask questions related to working in the mining industry and discuss how vehicles and equipment could be operated from Perth, 1400 kilometres from site. This was followed by a tour of the 45th floor; an informal meeting area with breathtaking views of Perth City and the Swan and Canning Rivers.

Alister Baron (Rail Operations Manager) joined us on the 45th floor to be introduced to the students and thank them for their work in person.

The students have since received requests to make more coolamons to be presented as gifts by the BHP Engineering Department. It has been a privilege to be engaged in the production of work commissioned by a large corporation.


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On Thursday afternoon we had the pleasure of hosting the exchange students from Sagami Women’s University in the Technology, Innovation, Design and Enterprise (TIDE) glass-working studio. Paired up with Years 10, 11 and 12 students, the girls were able to create mobile phone holders with Hello Kitty glass key-rings attached.

It was cool being able to share our interests in an interactive environment without our language barriers dividing us. We all helped each other and, through our mistakes, were able to laugh and teach in an informal way and learn together at the same time. We discovered differences and similarities between education in Japan and Australia and were able to relate in a way I would never have expected.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with the Sagami girls and it was an amazing way of sharing our skills and abilities with others to enjoy success in glass-working.

Georgia Cutler

Year 10


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A big congratulations is extended to Joseph Hocking (Y11) and Adam Morris (Y12) who have been accepted as exhibitors at the statewide Wood Show at Claremont Showgrounds for their work - a jarrah, marri and concrete table and a jarrah, concrete, fused glass and metal sunset sculpture respectively. Both students accepted commendations for their work.

As a tribute to their work a group of Year 11 and 12 students traveled to the show grounds last Friday 3 August to view all that was on display at this year’s exhibition. The students, along with Mrs Vroombout, Mr Martins, Mr Palmateer and Mr Greenwood, rubbed shoulders with adults and other students keen to hone their talents in the creative use of timber and other materials. The Wood Show has become an annual event in Perth’s calendar and a popular one at that. Congratulations to the traveling students who conducted themselves in a way that the Prendiville community would be proud of.

Chris Greenwood

Community Engagement

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The initiative of the ‘Painting Happiness’ project is to give children suffering from illness the materials needed for them to create their own artwork. This will allow children to have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, who previously haven’t been able to, due to sickness, financial or accessibility issues. To do this we are asking for donations from the Prendiville community in order to support our project.

All donations must be brand new and can be placed in the baskets in your PCG until Monday 13 August. Donations could include: pencils, crayons, textas, notebooks, pencil cases, paint, paint brushes, sketchbooks, rulers and erasers.

We really believe this project will benefit the broader community, as even the smallest of efforts can make a big difference. We hope that we can all dig deep within our hearts, to spread happiness to these children and allow them to paint their own futures.



The Prendiville Dance students are looking forward to performing in their 2018 Dance production “SHIFT”. The showcase will be presented on Saturday 18 August with two performances: a matinee commencing at 3pm and an evening show at 7pm. Performed by students from Years 8-12, they are exhibiting a number of exceptional dance works and complex choreography that is sure to entertain all ages. Book your tickets NOW (Adults $15 and student/concession $10) at


Best wishes to the Prendiville Dance Company and Prendiville Year 8/9 Dance Ensemble for their upcoming performances during Week 6 of Term 3 at the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre, as part of their entry in the Senior Creative Dance section of this year’s Catholic Performing Arts Festival.

The Dance Company have been rehearsing every Wednesday and working on a dance piece that explores ideas of ‘dreaming’, showcasing a fusion of contemporary and hip-hop styles choreographed by Mrs Crocker. The Year 8/9 Dance Ensemble has been rehearsing during lunchtimes for two terms and will be performing a contemporary work inspired by the Lion King, choreographed by Year 11 student Sienna Mackay, under the direction of Ms Hayley Martin.

This event will be held on Wednesday 22 August at 7:00pm and tickets may be purchased at or by calling ticketek on 132 849 (Adults $25 and Students $20) from Monday 23 July.


Baby Think it Over or Real Care is a virtual parenting program for young people. This unique and specialised experience allows for early exploration of the demands of becoming a parent.

Our Year 10 Childcare students participated in the Baby Think It Over Program, where all students are required to care for a virtual baby for 48 hours. All baby’s needs including feeding, soothing, burping and changing the baby had to be taken care of by the students, exactly like a ‘real’ baby. For most students this proved to be very exhausting and a daunting experience, showing that caring for a baby can be very challenging.


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For more information, please come along to the 2019 Italy Tour Information Night:

Monday 27 August

7pm in Italian Classroom (D3)




Monday-Thursday: 7.30am – 5.30pm

Friday: 7.30am – 4.00pm

Recess and lunch every day

Please note there is no supervision of students outside of these hours.


Homework Club runs for Year 7 students every Wednesday from 3.30pm – 4.30pm in ML1 and is run by senior students.


Study tutors are also available to help with schoolwork on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the Library between 3.30pm – 5.30pm.


Start thinking about your costume for Book Week!

Book Week this year will be celebrated in Week 6, 20-24 August 20–24. This year’s shortlisted books and illustrators can be found here! Winners will be announced on Friday 17 August.

Find your Treasure is the theme for 2018 and can be interpreted in many ways. You might want to examine what you value most in life, or have a look at your inner knowledge/wisdom or spiritual self! Do you seek success or follow up opportunities?

However you interpret the theme, come and celebrate Book Week in the Library with the following activities:

  • Monday-Friday (before/after school/recess/lunch times): Lucky Dip Treasure Chest! Our treasure chest will be full of inspirational sayings and quotes from books. Come and look for some treasures in the Year 8 Art concertina books. Also, take your chances with a “Blind Date with a Book”.

  • Wednesday lunch time: Book Charades.

  • Thursday lunch time: Poetry Slam Competition. Come and join a poetry performance competition. Poems can be your original work or a poem you can link to the theme “Find Your Treasure”. Performances will be before an audience and judged on the content and performance of your work. Prizes and certificates will be awarded. If you are feeling a little shy about performing your poem, come to see Mrs Oats in the library before Week 6 for some tips about performing and overcoming nerves.

  • Friday: Whole School Dress-Up. Come dressed up in or as any treasure that you have found in a book.



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The annual Year 11 Careers Breakfast was held last Tuesday 31st July. After an interesting keynote speech by entrepreneur Brittany Garbutt from Pretzel Dough & Happiness, the students had the opportunity to engage in discussions about a career they are interested in pursuing over a cooked breakfast.


Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Info Service

Part of Australian Apprenticeships Pathways, the Info Service runs a great Facebook page where they list loads of apprenticeships.

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways Practice Aptitude Quizzes

General industry-based literacy & numeracy quizzes illustrating the levels required when undertaking Australian Apprenticeships qualifications.

They are examples that illustrate the key learning standards you may need to be successful in your apprenticeship. You can use them to practice before you take an aptitude test, or to help you understand what may be required of you in your further study.

There are tests for construction, business, hospitality, health care, engineering, mining, retail, sports, transport and more.

Apprentice and Trainee Centre Resources

Find out about apprenticeships and traineeships and register to find out about opportunities near you.

Apprenticeships Engagement Forum Flyers

These flyers are suitable for both school-based apprenticeships or post-school apprenticeships. Each flyer sets out a possible career path for the student and then suggests the elective subjects that will make that career path possible. The subject lists cover choices in years 9 & 10 and 11 & 12. Download the flyers here!


National Skills Week 2018

27 August – 2 September

Now moving into its eighth year, National Skills Week will again set out to bring to life the positive messages, highlighting the talents, the skills, the career pathways and the value of apprentices and trainees across Australia to the wider public and employers. The week is dedicated to raising the status of practical and vocational learning.

Find events listed here!



Curtin University Scholarships – Western Australia

Scholarship applications for 2019 are now open. See if you’re eligible for a Curtin scholarship here!

Curtin University – Law Info Evening

August 29 | Perth, WA

Interested in a career in Law? Attend our information evening at the Curtin Law School Perth city campus to find out more about studying Law at Curtin. This evening will provide you with an opportunity to experience the teaching facilities and ask any questions you might have. Click here for more information about the evening.

Curtin University – Autism Open Day

September 9 | Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley

An event open to adults and children with autism, their families and anyone who is interested in autism research. Interested? Find out more!


ECU School of Medical and Health Sciences Info Session

Wednesday 22 August | 6pm | Joondalup Campus

If you have a passion for enhancing the quality of people's lives, this is a study area that offers you a variety of employment opportunities. Find out more!

ECU School of Science Info Sessions

Science Showcase Evening

Thursday 23 August 6.00pm, Joondalup Campus

Security and Computing Information Evening

Wednesday 19 September 6.00pm, Joondalup Campus

Our Science graduates keep their career options open by studying emerging disciplines like Counter Terrorism, Sustainability, Cyber Security, or Environmental Management. Find out more here!

ECU School of Nursing and Midwifery Info Session

Friday 24 August | 6pm

ECU has the largest nursing program and the only dual Nursing/Midwifery degree in Western Australia – and our facilities are hard to beat too! Find out more here.

ECU Open Days

  • Mount Lawley & WAAPA - Sun 12 Aug 10am - 3pm
  • South West - Sun 26 Aug 12pm - 3pm

For more information and registration details, click here!

Edith Cowan University Campus Tours

  • Joondalup Campus | Wednesday 26 September
  • South West (Bunbury) Campus | Tuesday, 2 October
  • Mount Lawley Campus | Wednesday, 3 October

Find out more here!


University of Notre Dame Perth – Open Day

August 19 | Fremantle

Discover the Notre Dame difference while exploring our Campus in Freo’s West End on Open Day. There will be delicious eats, live music, course advice and more! Find out more here!

University of Notre Dame Perth - Admissions Info & Expo Evening

September 6 | University of Notre Dame Fremantle

A Notre Dame student panel which will provide first hand insight into what it is like to study and be part of the Notre Dame community. Click here for more information.


UWA Open Day

Sunday 12 August | 10am to 4pm

Whether you're a future student, parent, teacher or member of the community, there will be so much for you to discover, experience and enjoy on the day. Explore our amazing campus while you chat to current students, meet our world-class teaching and research staff, and take part in a huge variety of entertainment, activities, tours, displays and information sessions on offer during the day. Interested? Find out more here!

St George Residential College

St George's College will open its doors this Sunday from 10am to 4pm for the UWA Open Day 2018! Take a tour of the College, get more information about scholarships and opportunities, and listen to musical performances from our residents while enjoying lunch, morning or afternoon tea!

Interviews will be conducted all day for interested families.

Catch the UWA Open Day Hopper bus to the College or stroll on over. See you at St. George's!

University of Western Australia – You Can Make UWA Your First Preference

From August 6 2018, you can submit up to six course preferences through the TISC website. These can all be at the same university or can be from one or more universities. Find out more here.

University of Western Australia – Conservatorium of Music – 2019 Auditions

September 23 | UWA Conservatorium of Music

November 26 | UWA Conservatorium of Music

Applicants looking to major in Music General Studies, Music Studies and/or Music Specialist Studies at the University of Western Australia must pass an audition. To find out more, click here.

CQU – Open Day

Perth – 23 August

Find out more:


NIDA Undergraduate Applications for 2019 are open

NIDA’s three-year practice-based Bachelor courses provide an intensive and immersive experience, as students work together to create, perform and stage full theatrical productions, films, events and exhibitions.

Applications are now open and close September 30. Click on the individual links to apply:

After more information about NIDA? Click here!


Defence Force Australia – Careers Info Session

August 14 | Perth | Find out more here!

Defence Force Australia – Women in Defence Info Sessions

August 15 | Perth | Find out more here!

WA Police Force are Recruiting

Joining the WA Police Force as a Recruit is an exciting, life-changing decision. If you’ve got enthusiasm, a strong work ethic and a passion for protecting your community, you’re all set for a highly challenging and incredibly rewarding career.

You must be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Australian Resident, hold a current manual 'C' class Motor Driver's Licence or equivalent and be at least 18 years of age. Interested? Apply here!

MedView Medical School Admissions Seminar

August 25 | Perth

Are you considering studying Medicine in Australia? We're inviting you to come along to our free information session. We'll provide you with the insights, tips and hints into everything there is to know about applying for and attending Medical School in Australia. Find out more here!

Endeavour College of Natural Health – Enrolling & Studying

August 23 | Online | Find out more here!

If you have questions about enrolling or studying your acupuncture, naturopathy, nutritional and dietetic medicine, or myotherapy degree in 2019 join us for a free webinar on Thursday 23 August 2018.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) – Online Experience Day

September 1 | Online | Find out more!

If you have ever wanted to study 3D animation, game design or VFX for film online with AIE then our Online Experience Day is an ideal opportunity to find out more.


On Friday 3rd August 2018 the P and F held its annual Quiz Night in the College gym. It was absolutely fantastic and a great time was had by all. Mr Antulov and his guests were the winning table after a nail biting tie breaker with the Science and Learning area staff. The student tables also had a tie breaker so it was eventful to the end.

A huge thank you needs to be given to the McQueen family. Lindy once again organised and coordinated the event with grace and efficiency. It was superb and a resounding success. We really appreciate her effort and commitment to the event. The success of the evening is largely due to the Quiz Master Craig – the BEST quiz master in Perth – you did it again. Thank you for organising the questions for running the evening and for all the support you and your children give the College.

To the committee members and friends – the sheet markers, those who got prizes and for the workers who ran events on the night – thank you so much for your efforts. Jo, Sam B and Chris Greenwood and Dev Hollywood from Aussie Scaffold – thank you. To the teachers from the Prendiville Gallery – Lynn and Leo – thank you for your exquisite donations of glasswork, jewellery and woodwork. They raised a substantial amount in the silent auction. The P and F really appreciate the support and friendship you always show.

Denny Piovesan

P and F President


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Support Prendiville Catholic College and you’ll be rewarded!

Help us raise funds for our College by buying a 2018/2019 Entertainment Membership and, for a limited time, you’ll receive 2x BONUS EVENT Cinemas Saver eTickets in time for the school holidays! Hurry, stocks are sure to run out.


Enter promotional code ‘EVENTGIFT’ at checkout and you will receive your eTickets via your email inbox within 48 business hours.

Redeem your EVENT Cinemas eTickets at participating EVENT Cinemas. Click here to find out more.

Here are just a few of the many offers to enjoy with an Entertainment Membership:

Big picture

Prendiville Catholic College

Jackie Gill




Fencing Master Classes

Maitre Tuko Maia, master fencer, Olympic representative and future Prendiville parent, is keen to start fencing classes and wheelchair fencing here at The Hub (College Gym) in mid-July. Tuko is a master fencing coach keen to begin a culture of fencing here in the northern suburbs.

Go here to find out more or book a ticket:

For any queries, email Tuko at

Scroll down to THE HUB for posters and further details.



With the help of our volunteers, the Pastoral Care Program at the St Simon Peter Parish will offer short-term emergency care for anyone who lives in the community.

To enquire about these services please contact:

  • Bereavement - Angela (0422 341 312)
  • Family Support/Meals - Bea (0427 064 511)
  • Gardening/Handyman - Russell (0405 274 790)
  • Home Help - Gerry (0408 990 417)
  • Transport - Paul (0407 483 420)
  • Visitation - Henry (0467 731 653)
  • Visitation - Liz (0412 679 829)
  • Parish Office 9300 4885 Mon-Tues 9am-12pm


Open to all secondary school students!


Next meeting 12 August from 6pm until 8pm.

Our theme for the night is "Questions?”


An Invitation especially to our future Church leaders, our youth! Prendiville Catholic College students are especially invited to attend a Mass for Youth at St Simon Peter Catholic Church on Sunday 26th August at 5pm. Prendiville students will be assisting with various parts of the Mass.


An invitation to the Prendiville school community to the International Centennial Pilgrimage Image (ICPI) of our Lady of Fatima visit our Parish on Saturday 18 August 8am-1pm.

On 11 January 2017, six statues of the Immaculate Heart of Mary were blessed by Pope Francis. After the blessing, one International Centennial Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Fatima was taken to each continent to visit parishes and diocese in every country.

There will be a Mass at 8.30am, Holy Hour of adoration and rosary from 9am, morning tea at 10am, a talk and video on Our Lady's journey and finish with benediction at about midday. All are very welcome.

With best wishes;

Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti - Parish Priest


Following the success and demand of our 2017 program, ECU are pleased to announce they will be offering FREE ATAR revision sessions in 2018 for current Year 12 students. We will be offering a variety of subjects, delivered by engaging and enthused teachers, currently teaching the 2018 syllabus.

Each ATAR revision session comprises a four hour seminar covering:

  • The Year 12 syllabus per subject;
  • examination techniques and hints specific to the revision subject;
  • a question and answer session; and
  • a copy of revision notes.

Year 12 subjects for 2018 include Biology, Human Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, Maths Applications, Maths Methods and Maths Specialist (Joondalup campus only).

The sessions will run at our Joondalup and South West (Bunbury) campuses between 24-28 September 2018.

How to register?

To secure your place for the sessions you would like to attend and for details on the dates and subjects available, please head to:

If you require any further queries about the ATAR Revision Sessions please contact the School of Science. Email:


YR 11 & 12 ATAR One Day Exam Boost Seminars

YEAR 11 & 12 | Term 3 & 4

Exam Boost Seminars are popular with time-poor students who want subject specific, targeted exam help in the weeks before their exams. In one day, the seminars pack in six hours of exam focused teaching from an ATAR marker with the sole purpose of boosting your exam performance. Students will have access to the ATAR exam marking guide and learn strategies to improve marks in their mock and ATAR exams.

YR 11 & 12 Term 3 School Holiday ATAR Revision Program

WEEK 1 & 2 of Term 3 holidays | Rossmoyne SHS, Churchlands SHS & Perth Modern.

10 hr courses, perfect for students wanting revision of their ATAR subjects and review of topics in preparation for exams. Students will increase their understanding, receive fresh insights and gain intensive revision in a time-effective manner. ATAR subject-specialist teachers work with students in small groups to help students prepare for their exams and maximise their exam performance. 10% Early Bird Discount available until Monday 3rd September.

YEAR 12 Term 3 School Holiday ATAR Enrichment Program

Students will receive academic extension in their ATAR courses with advanced content insight and practise in higher level exam questions. In the 10-hour courses, students will be taught in a small, interactive class by top ATAR subject specialists with proven results in boosting exam performance. Available in week 1 of the Term 3 school holidays at the University of Western Australia.

YR 7 – 10 October Skills Development Program

Our Skills Development Program has been specifically designed to equip students with the necessary skills for ongoing academic success. Specialist teachers engage students with targeting teaching and class interaction that promotes learning development. Programs available in English, Maths, Learning Skills and Essay Writing in week 2 of the Term 3 school holidays at Perth Modern School. 10% Early Bird Discount available until Monday 3rd September.

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Thursday 9 August - Think 2 Infinity: Puzzle it Out!

Thursday 9 August - Year 12 Italian Camp

Friday 10 August - Grandparents' Day

Friday 10 August - Inclusive Sports Carnival

Monday 13 August - Pupil Free Day

Wednesday 15 August - Year 7-9 Science Project Night

Thursday 16 August - Year 11 Biology Camp

Saturday 18 August - Year 8-12 Dance Showcase

Thursday 23 August - Athletics Twilight Meet

Friday 24 August - Book Week Dress-Up


St Simon Peter Parish, Ocean Reef

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am, 10am and 5pm

Our Lady of the Mission Parish, Whitfords

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 8am, 9.30am, 11am and 5.45pm

St Andrews Parish, Clarkson

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 5.30pm

St Luke's Parish, Woodvale

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am and 9.30am

St Anthony's Parish, Wanneroo

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 6pm

All Saint's Parish, Greenwood

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am, 10.30am and 5.30pm

St John Paul II Catholic Primary School, Banksia Grove

Mon to Sat - 8am, Sat - 6pm, Sun - 9.30am


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International Fencing champion Tuko Maia is offering a chance of a lifetime in a sporting field you may not even realize you could excel at! Tuko is offering introductory lessons in the Olympic sanctioned artistry of fencing, an ancient dueling sport of grace and dignity. Check out the poster and contact Tuko at for any queries. He'd love to take you on a new life journey. Click below to book a place.

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New 6 Week Program comes to The Hub

Click below if you'd like to book a place on the program.
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