Let's work together!

MVCA Family Support Coach (grade 7): Ruth Mooney

A power-snippet from our Mission: "Extraordinary results takes extraordinary effort!"

My role:
Come alongside qualifying students and their Learning Coaches to:
  • identify stumbling blocks of learning
  • offer solutions that work
  • clarify routines, work spaces, and responsibilities
  • direct you to appropriate additional support


I. Taking attendance
What can count toward your student's 6.2 hour day?
see student handbook pages 19-23

II. Tools and Data Points
What are the minimum data point requirements for MS students each day?
  • 10 Study Island Questions/ day
  • 6.2 hours of engaged activity
  • Class Connect minimum time of 20 minutes per session
  • 2-3% progress pace per week

III. Mrs. Irvin's Magnificent 7
How do I get to the middle school page?

Welcome to my office!

Hours: 8 a.m.- 4 p.m Monday through Friday

Telephone: 616-309-1600 x3241

Email: Students, please use Kmail

School Calendar: Find the tab "calendar" on the top toolbar
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