Short Fiction Faction

Fridays, 4:15pm-5:15pm in the CHHS Learning Commons

Read & Discuss With US

Do you love the idea of being a part of a book club, but are lacking time?

Do you have time to read a short story in a week?

Do you want the freedom to sometimes participate and other times not?

Do you want to have a group of people you can discuss your reading with?

Do you want to READ more, but don't know how to choose a work?

Come JOIN US Whenever You Can

How It Works

  • Each week we will provide you with the title of a short story, as well as a pdf & hyperdoc copy of the story.
  • Discussion topics/prompts will also be provided to guide your reading and thinking. (Use at your discretion)
  • Print the materials out or read them on your device in advance, or not. You choose!
  • Then come and join us on Friday at 4:15pm in the CHHS Learning Commons.
  • At the start of each meeting, we will read/listen to that week's story & then discuss it.
  • Check back here each week to see the short story focus for that Friday's meeting.
  • Story titles will be posted at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Come when you can, don't when you can't.
  • No pressure; only fun!

Coming UP - Short Fiction Faction Titles & Resources

Audio Versions of Short Stories Linked Below

I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream - Harlan Ellison (audiobook)
Lamb to the Slaughter - audio

Find Information on PAST SFF Readings & Resources Below

October - Dystopian Short Stories

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