steps to make the desicion making process easier

Defining the decision and evaluating the recourses

Decisions can be hard to make but when you use an easy process it will be easier. Each letter in the word decide is a step in a decision process. D stands for “define the decision”. You need to define the situation you are in and your options. E stands for “estimate the recourses”. A recourse could be your friend’s opinion, a coupon you might have, a review, your transportation, or the amount of money you have.

Consider the alternatives and gathering information

C stands for “consider the alternatives”. An alternative could be choosing to decide on something that you weren't deciding on origonaly or not spending your money at all. I stands for “information gather”. You can gather information about the things you are choosing between to help you make you decision.

Deciding and evaluating the decision

The other D stands for “decide”. This is the point where you make your decision. E stands for “evaluate the decision”. This is where you ask yourself, “did I make the best decision?” . You decide with the way you felt with the decision.