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Important Information

Picture Day

Friday, September 3rd. Pictures may be ordered online at https://inter-state.com/order. The order code for Central is 59414RA (see the picture below for more information).

Central Fall Fest

Friday, September 17th (see the picture below for more details).

No School

Wednesday, September 29th


Friday, October 8th (more information to come).

Picture Day

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Central Fall Fest

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2nd Grade Having Fun Learning the 6 Traits of Writing

Second grade had 6 writing people present to them about the 6 Traits of Writing including; Ida Ideas, Miss Organization, Word Choice Man, Nurse Voice, Flo Fluency, and Mrs. Conventions! They learned songs to go with each person and traits to help them remember the valuable lessons they taught us!

Kindergarten Color Days

The entire school participated in Kindergarten Color Days to help the Kindergarten students learn their colors! Each day represented a different color. They even celebrated the end of their color unit by mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.

Free Time Friday

Media Week concludes with Free Time Friday! Students may choose from a variety of activities to celebrate the end of a great week!

Elementary Dress Code

Elementary School Dress Code - Student Handbook (https://www.leb.k12.in.us/domain/419)

No open-toed footwear.

No outdoor coats or jackets to be worn in classes or hallways during school hours.

Overall Apparel:

  • No exposed skin on any part of the midriff or back.
  • No inappropriately oversized or form fitting clothing. Clothing must be of appropriate size.
  • No attire that may damage school property or cause injury to others (chains, metal decorations, etc.)
  • No clothing that addresses or promotes tobacco, alcohol, drugs, promiscuous behavior, or derogatory commentary.
  • No pajamas and/or sleepwear.
  • No headgear is to be worn. All headgear shall be removed at the entrance of the school and shall not be worn until the building has been exited.


  • No shirts without sleeves. Sleeves must extend past shoulder and not show underarm.
  • No see-through shirts.
  • No exposed undergarments.
  • No exposed cleavage.
  • No plunging necklines.


  • Pants must sit at or above the hip bone.
  • All shorts, pants, and skirts must reach mid-thigh or longer.
  • No writing on the seat of pants.
  • No holes above mid-thigh or in violation of any other dress code requirement.
  • No shorts worn during 2nd and 3rd grading periods.

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment:

Students will be required to comply with all requirements and recommendations of public health agencies, federal and state department of education, state and federal laws and executive orders related to the Coronavirus or any other communicable diseases.

News from Mrs. Bland - Medication

Administration of Medication at School (5330) – Prescription Medication: All Medication will need to be brought to the school by a parent or guardian. No medication should travel in a backpack to school with the exemption of diabetic supplies, epi pens, diastat and inhalers that have a written prescription from a doctor. A medication release will need to be signed by the parent/guardian before any medication can be given at school. Prescription medication needs to be in the bottle or box with the students name on it and how it is to be dispensed (the prescription label). If there is a change in the time or dose of the medication, then the prescribing physician will need to fax that change to the clinic staff. The medication release consent will be valid for the period the medication is to be given or to the end of the school year. All medication that is left over has to be picked up by the parent/guardian or it will be discarded by the clinic or designated staff.

Non-prescription medication: Any non-prescription medication needs to be brought in to the clinic staff by a parent or guardian. A medication release will need to be signed and will include how and when the medication is to be given. Medication is not to be sent to school with the child. After discussion with clinic personnel, exceptions may be made on an individual basis as to bringing in a non-prescription medication. All unused medication is to be picked up at the school by the parent or guardian. All medication given is documented on medication sheets. Medications should only be administered to students during the school day if the medications are required to be administered at a specified time within the school day, or if the medication is needed for a chronic condition. For example, if an antibiotic is prescribed to be administered three times a day, the antibiotic can be administered before school, after school and at bedtime.