Washington HS: August 2022 News

1st Day Schedule, A/B Rotation, Bell Schedules & More!


Hey Pats!

We're excited to kick off the 2022-23 school year. As we get back into the swing of things, we'd like to share that September is Attendance Awareness month! Remember, 9 or less (for the year!) is best. Please read the additional information (linked below) for an introduction from James Hester, FP School Deputy Superintendent, along with the 2022-23 Attendance Guide.

A few other housekeeping items...

  • Schedules are now live in Student Access/Skyward - these schedules are still considered preliminary; official schedules will be picked up by students on the first day of school (August 30th) - changes may still occur until that point due to balancing of classes.

    Student Access log in information:

    • Login ID = Student ID # (6 digits)
    • Password = Birthday (mmddyyyy).
    • Schedules are based on selections made during PRE-REGISTRATION last spring.

  • First Day of School Schedule is posted below. 9th graders begin at 7:25am; 10th-12th graders (new & returning) students will start their day at 11:05am.


Counselors will NOT consider schedule change requests for a different lunch, switching to be with friends, or wanting a different teacher.

MOST electives are FULL, so changing electives is also not very likely.

WHS school counselors will only consider schedule changes within the first 5 days of the semester for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect placement level (example: placed in Adv Algebra II but haven't taken Algebra I or Geometry yet)
  • Already taken/passed the class -- with the exception of band, choir, leadership, advanced drama and PE, courses can only be taken ONCE for credit. You cannot take the same elective twice, if you already passed it.
  • Student failed a class & needs to retake for graduation requirement purposes
  • Student is missing a class for graduation requirement
  • "Hole" in the schedule (missing a period)
  • More than one class scheduled during the same period (duplicate)


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Franklin Pierce Schools Attendance Introduction & Guide

Dear Families,

This year, all Franklin Pierce Schools are making a special effort to ensure that every student has what they need in order to attend school regularly. Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school—and themselves. Your student can start building this habit in preschool, so they learn right away that going to school on time and every day is important. Consistent attendance will help children do well in school, and life beyond school.


  • Starting in kindergarten, too many absences, whether excused or unexcused can cause children to fall behind in school.
  • Students who miss as few as one to two days a month can fall behind. This increases the chance that they will not read or master math at the same level as their peers. Missed days=missed learning.
  • By 6th grade, high absenteeism is one of three signs that a student may drop out of high school.
  • By being present at school, your child learns valuable social skills and has the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with other students and school staff.
  • Absences can be a sign that a student is losing interest in school, struggling with schoolwork, dealing with a bully, or facing other potentially serious challenges.
  • By 9th grade, regular and high attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates than 8th grade test scores.


We know that there are a wide variety of reasons that students are absent from school, from health concerns to transportation challenges. There are many people in our schools prepared to help you if you or your student face challenges in getting to school regularly or on time.

We promise to track attendance daily, to notice when your student is missing from class, communicate with you to understand why they were absent, and to identify barriers and supports available to overcome challenges you may face in helping your student attend school.


Set expectations for good attendance. Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success. When you make school attendance a priority you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior, and have a better chance of graduating from high school.

  • Set a regular bedtime and morning routine as well as finishing homework and packing backpacks the night before. Focus on getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Find out what day school starts and make sure your child has the required immunizations.
  • Avoid appointments and travel when school is in session.
  • Keep track of your child’s attendance.
  • Have a back-up plan in place with family members, neighbors, or other parents for getting your child to school in case something comes up.
  • Reach out for support. We are here to help! If you need support and resources to address the barriers to school attendance, please connect with your child’s teacher, counselor, or the front office staff.

Kind Regards,

James Hester

Deputy Superintendent, Franklin Pierce Schools


Upcoming Events

  • August 30 - First Day of School!
  • September 1 - Picture Day
  • September 2 & 5 - No School
  • October 1 - Class of 2023 Financial Aid applications available (FAFSA/WASFA)
  • October 3 - No School for Students (Teacher In-Service)
  • October 5 & 6 - Fall Student Led Conferences
  • October 14 - Class of 2023 Senior Meeting with Jostens during Homeroom (Graduation info!)
  • WHS Fall Sports Calendar
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PICTURE DAY is Thursday, September 1st!




There are limited packets available to hand out, so please use online ordering.

WHS Family Partnership Team

Our WHS Family Partnership & Engagement Team would like to hear from students, parents, and guardians about what types of events you'd be interested in for the 2022-23 school year.

Some ideas we've had:

  • Town Halls/Listening Sessions - virtual (zoom) & in-person (either at WHS or off-site in community)
  • Cultural Nights
  • What's your E - post-high school planning sessions
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA & WASFA) for 12th graders


ASB Cards

ASB cards can now be bought at the Cashier's Window in the Main Office. All athletes must have an ASB card before league begins. Check with Ms. Pedrique (in Cashier's office) to see if you qualify for free ASB card. Do this before Picture Day on September 1st!

Check Out the Patriot Athletics Website

The South Puget Sound League (SPSL) has partnered with VNN to provide a streamlined experience for students, parents, and community members to get information about Patriot Athletics!

For up-to-date information on games, scores, rosters and more, go to https://whspatriotsathletics.com/

  • Football (Fall Season)
  • Cross Country (Fall Season)
  • Girls Soccer (Fall Season)
  • Golf (Fall Season)
  • Girls Volleyball (Fall Season)
  • Girls Tennis (Fall Season)

Registration for 2022-23 Sports

Did you know that you can already register for 2022-23 Sports? Registration is open and must be completed by the first day of practice.

Register here:


Athletic Clearance Process for Student and Parent/Guardian

  1. Complete the online registration process. All information and policies must be reviewed.
  2. Purchase ASB card. ASB cards can either be purchased during the online registration process or from your school's bookkeeper.
  3. Obtain a current Doctor-signed Physical (physical examinations expire two years after the signed date).

If you are a transfer student, please contact the WHS Athletic office for eligibility. You may not practice without paying your fines or returning uniforms etc. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Student Accident & Sickness Insurance