The Bond Brief

February 27-March 11

Busy, Busy Weeks!

I have been so super busy in school and life, so I apologize for not having formal newsletters. I began this newsletter on Feb. 27, and I never finished it, so I thought I would expand upon it and get it sent out. This is the magic time of the year where connections are made, responsibility is growing, and curiosities and possibilities are endless! From the success of Market Day to our focus on digital learning this week, we have been enjoying our learning experiences. Check out some of the highlights below!

Learning Highlights

Math: We worked on fact extensions, which means by knowing that 4 x 6 =240, 40 x 60= 2400. This helped set the stage for our work with the partial product algorithm. Hopefully your child was able to show it to you while they were completing their homelink on Monday night. Today some of the students played Factor Bingo, and we did a whole group lesson on the Greatest Common Factor! At the end of Unit 7 we figured out the differences between national high and low temperatures and plotted them on a line graph.. This was challenging for them. Please continue to work on multiplication fact mastery, as well as addition and subtraction fact mastery. So far we have 5 students who have mastered their x facts. They are Lavena, Caeden, Zach, Sara, and Danny! Students are working on their math fact mastery using the Moby Max app in Edmodo, and they are moving along well! They are welcome to use it at home too!

Reading: We have continued to move on with our nonfiction unit. During the week of Feb. 27 our reading passages revolved around the question, "Does technology make life better?" We read leveled passages in groups, as well as had a whole group passage. Throughout the week we read the passages to find vocabulary words, supporting details, and find evidence to support the arguments for Yes, technology has made life better and technology does not make life better. Groups presented the Yes and No points, using evidence from their texts, and today we worked on crafting paragraph essays. In May, students will be expected to type essays for the M-STEP (taking over for the MEAP), so I decided to have them type out their responses. I am going to be giving them more and more opportunities to develop their writing fluency in a digital way so they will be comfortable with it come May. If you ask your child to sign into their Google account, they can show you what types of digital writing they have completed.

Last week in reading we worked on I Wonder statements to guide our reading along, as questioning is a great comprehension strategy. This week we checked out Wonderopolis, a site that publishes Wonders of the Day for kids to learn from. Yesterday kids read through some of the wonders and created short wonder reports. Today, kids created wonders about the Time for Kids article, and we watched animal web cams and created wonders from our observations.

Today the kids were able to select books that give global perspectives of issues around the the world that include animals losing their habitats, cities that are overcrowded, and tourism that impacts the ecosystem. The students will be in small groups to have discussions, as well as work on comprehension activities together.

March is Reading Month is here! We are almost done with our door decoration celebrating our favorite book, The Secret Zoo! I told the kids to put their March Reading Calendars on their refrigerators so they can easily record the time spent reading. Next week kids will go on QR code hunts around the school to learn more about books.

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Digital Learning Week

Digital learning is my passion, so I love celebrating it when Digital Learning Day comes! These past 2 weeks we have had so many neat experiences. Last week I had the kids learn about writing reviews, and we created our own app reviews of the apps. Below you will find a video of the kids that wanted to share their app reviews with the founder of ABCya.

To generate what we already know about Rocks and Minerals, I had the kids jot down their ideas using Padlet. Here is our Padlet with our Rocks and Mineral Prior Knowledge.

Today we watched animals on the zoo web cams while we were in computer lab, and we filled out Google forms that had observation note areas to fill out. Then I took the observation notes and created a word cloud with the key words!

Today's highlight was joining in on a webinar with Little Bits and Makey Makey, two tech companies that are focused on inventing and circuitry! We observed the webinar and then we (as a whole group) interacted with the other adults in the webinar via the chat thread. Then we broke off into a small group for a Google Hang Out, where we were able to video conference with the founders of Makey Makey, the reps from Little Bits, and many other adults that were interested in inventing with Makey Makey. Today's topic was solving a problem with music. Alexis shared that she is annoyed when her cat gets out, and she can't find her. When she does find her the cat is usually attacking a squirrel. So the group helped her think of a solution. She could put something that makes music on her cat's collar, which will alert the squirrels and let them escape! Ask your child about this was cool. I also challenged them to think about other daily items that could have music added to them to make them better. Perhaps we can continue our discussion tomorrow!

Digital Learning Day officially is on Friday. Remember, your child can bring a device to use. We will be doing a lot on Minecraft, so if you don't have it on a device, you may want to look into downloading it. To give you an insight to one of the lessons we will be doing, here is a lesson that I wrote:

Digital Learning Week: ABCya App Reviews
Cup Song Team Bond Duet

FYI: I will be out next Thursday and Friday for MACUL, our state tech conference.