British Army

Conditions of service

Basic salary

£17,514 a year/ £1088 a month for a regular soldier.

Salary progresion

£32,756 a year if you reach the rank of Sergeant within five years

Working hours and shift patterns

38 days of paid leave a year – you might have to work on some Bank Holidays. When on operations you get two weeks and get more leave when your tour ends. None of this comes from your annual allowance. The Army also has very good maternity and paternity leave arrangements.

Holiday entitlement

(see above)


Africa, Canada, Cyprus, Brunei, Gibraltar, south Atlantic islands, Germany, Afghanistan, etc.

Basic training period

Phase 1: 14 weeks

Additional training

phase 2: anywhere from a few months to a year.

Fringe benefits

Greater Job Security
Chances to learn a Trade
Longer Paid Leave
Steady income and a Possibility of promotion and responsibility
A good range of varied and exciting roles and opportunities within the Army
Overseas travel, but be aware you may be away from home for long periods of time
Good training which will teach you leadership skills and responsibility
Good benefits such as health care, allowances etc...
Dealing with a wide range of people and cultures
A good environment for keeping fit


Turbulence and Separation
Subject to Military Discipline
Inability to resign at will
Liability for duty at all times without extra pay
Inability to negotiate for pay
Arduous training
Risk of being injured on duty

Retirement age

33 years for an infantry soldier and many other roles.

Pension benefits

In the Army you are entitled to monthly payments which based on your final salary, without having to contribute to your pension at all.