Lamar County

Hannah Switzer

Interesting Facts about Lamar County

Lamar County is in north Texas on the Oklahoma border. Paris, is the largest town in
the County seat. Paris is about 100 miles northeast of Dallas. The county's center point is 33 degrees 44' north latitude and 95 degrees 35' west longitude. Temperatures range from an average high of 94 degrees F in August to an average low of 31 degrees F in January. Rainfall averages slightly more than 45 inches a year. The growing season extends for 228 days. The first railroad came to Lamar County in 1875. Dirt roads for local transportation had been used since the 1840's, gravel or paved highways connecting Paris to Clarksville, Sherman, and commerce where placed by 1925. In 1984, the county had more than 1,500 miles of paved road. In 1984, Lamar County had 1 daily and 2 weekly newspapers, Three radio stations, 2 hospitals, and more than 100 churches, 6 banks, and 2 savings and loan associations served the financial needs for the County. In 1990, Lamar County had a population of 43,949. The Largest towns where; Paris (24,699), Blossom (1,440), Deport (712 in Lamar County, partly in Red River Country), Reno (1,784), and Roxton (639).