Friday Review

Friday, March 14, 2018

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • Don't forget to go to the Padlet HERE and add your "Take Aways" from today's PD.
  • Teachers will need to keep all Chromebooks on the day before testing to ensure they are charged and will be ready on the day of testing.
  • Clubs have been cancelled for March 26 due to testing.
  • Kick Butts Day is Wednesday, March 20.

    • HOSA students will be placing signs along the car loop that help spread the word about the dangers of tobacco use
    • HOSA student are also working on video to share
    • Ms. Harris has a video that will be shared with parents and students on the dangers of vaping via our webpage
    • We've received the Pledge Banner for Kick Butts Day. Students will also be able to sign.
  • The 8th grade job fair on Thursday, March 28 has been cancelled.
  • March 26 - Youth Risk Behavior Survey administered (Stay tuned for details)
  • Communication with PARENTS - Not just with progress reports, report cards and/or a write up. It is an expectation that we are communicating with parents about their child. Comments should be included on every report card. Many times administrators make calls to parents to notify them of issues and the parent will state that no one has communicated with them. This is unacceptable. Even for my own child, I would be totally upset if my child was under performing or misbehaving and I was not notified. On the flip side, what impact could you make on students and parents if you call to notify them of positive news.Newsletters, REMIND APP, phone calls and notes home are all ways to communicate with our parents. PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH OUR PARENTS.
  • Montpelier sponsoring BBQ Plate sale. We can sale tickets and need volunteers. March 23
  • Are you showing the Counselor's Vlog when assigned. This is required. I spoke with a parent of a student that is having social issues. I explained to her that we are providing counseling sessions every other week and students have an opportunity to journal. The mother inquired about this with her child and the student commented that they have never done that. Please ensure you are showing the videos each week and allowing students to journal.
  • FINANCE: If a staff member spends their own money and expects to get reimbursed for an expenditure, it must be approved by Mrs. Lewis BEFORE the expenditure is made; At no time shall money be kept in the care of a staff member without receipting and submitting on the day that it is received; Money should be submitted to the office in AM so that deposits can be made before the end of the school day;
  • WORK DAY - March 22 Arrive by 8:00; Lunch 1-1/2 hour; Please know that the Sheriff's Department will be conducting a training on this teacher workday from 1-4pm. Several officers will be on campus and conducting maneuvers, scenarios and techniques.
  • SIT Meeting Monday - March 18th
  • March 20th - Kick Butts Tobacco Day Event
  • March 20th - Both Middle School and NC Ties Particpants meet in Mr. Eley's Class
  • March 21st - SHS Beta Club Induction 7pm
  • Several Staff will be out of the building on Monday, March 18th for CPI Training
  • Support our Spartan Baseball and Softball teams while we play against Carver at Scotland High School 4:00pm. Come out and let our athletes hear ya'.
  • Reminder of District Policy 3400 (Are we allowing retests to give an opportunity for students to show mastery of content? When our kids fail do we reflect to see how we have failed?) "When our studens fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed". (Marva Collins)For clarification purposes the following grading will be required:
  • The grade that the student receives should be entered initially; thus, entering a grade of a 50 at the end of the nine weeks as the report card grade. Progress reports should reflect the actual average at that point in the quarter.
  • If a student still has an opportunity to submit make-up work, missing assignments should be left as blanks, as opposed to 0s.
  • If the student is not required to complete the assignment, click "Exempt" on the "Enter Marks/Comments" page.Teachers are required to utilize the automated comments in PowerSchool to indicate whether an assignment was "not submitted," "not yet mastered," etc.
  • Anyone interested in having CPR training should contact Jamie Synan; two opportunities are March 22 from 8-12 and 1-4 at RCC; May 3 is another opportunity as well as a June date;
  • Spring Arts Night Reminder: April 4 at SHS 5:30-6:30 K-12 District Art Show and 6:30 All County Chorus Elementary, Middle and High; participant names should be shared with Meredith Bounds.
  • April 12 - Heads Up - Next 1/2 PD will be held at SHS. App Smash - More details to come.
  • Upcoming Spirit Days this week: Monday, March 18 - Wear your favorite Basketball Team shirt with Jeans. Support our Spartans at SHS / Thursday, March 21 - Jeans and spirit wear

Tap In / Tap Out

Self-care that gives teachers time to recharge. This allows you to call on a peer when you need to take a break for a minute or two—when you need to step back from a tense situation. If you are interested in joining the Tap In / Tap Out group please send Mrs. Tippett an email with your cell phone number. A text group will be created. If you have questions feel free to see Mrs. Tippett.

Thank you to Ms. Grady for letting us enjoy your relaxing space when teachers/staff need to recharge.


Below are testing dates:

  • Thursday, March 21 - ELA
  • Monday, March 25 - Makeup ELA
  • Tuesday, March 26 - Math / Math 1
  • Wednesday, March 27 - Regular school day (makeup / Test 2 days)
  • Tuesday, April 2 - 8th grade science / makeups
  • Wednesday, April 3 - Make ups
  • Thursday, April 4 - Make ups
  • Cell phones should be put away during testing. Usage will jeopardize a testing misadministration.
  • All teachers are required to walk around while students are testing.

This Week

  • March 18 - Baseball/Softball vs. Carver HOME -6:00pm

  • March 19 - Soccer @ Home - 4:15pm

  • March 19 - Track @ Hoke County - 4:00pm

  • March 21 - ELA benchmark Testing

  • March 21 - Soccer @ SHS vs. Carver - 5:15pm

  • March 21 - Baseball @ Home - 4:15pm

  • March 22 - Optional Teacher Workday

Upcoming Date

  • Monday, March 25 - Makeup ELA
  • March 25 - Baseball/Softball @ Sandy Grove - 4:15pm

  • March 25 - Duty Assignments change

  • March 26 - CLUBS Day

  • March 26 - Soccer @ Anson -4:15pm

  • March 26 - Track @ Reid Ross - 4:00pm

  • March 26 - Math / Math 1

  • Wednesday, March 27 - Regular school day (makeup / Test 2 days)

  • March 27 - Baseball/Softball @ Home -4:15pm

  • March 28 - College / Career Fair 9:00-10:30am

  • March 29- 8th grade RCC(morning) / SHS (afternoon) visit

  • April 1 - 3 -Author visit for all grades

  • April 2 - 8th grade science / makeups
  • April 3 - Make ups
  • April 4 - Make ups

Upcoming Testing Windows:

  • 3rd Quarter Benchmarks: March 20-April 4
  • ELA Writing Assessments April 1-18
  • 4th Common Assessment/Mock EOG April 30-May 3
  • EOGs May 24-June 7

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