Otto MS Orchestra End of Year News

Thanks for another Successful Year!

Dear Orchestra Parents & Students,

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful school year. Parents, we appreciate all your financial support, chaperones, and support to our program.

Below are some summer updates for you. We hope everyone has a blessed and fabulous summer!

Mrs. Daniel & Ms. R :-)

Practicing Over the Summer- Please Do Not Return Rental Instruments.

Please DO NOT return rental instruments over the summer if your child is continuing Orchestra in the next school year! You will lose the rental credit that you have built up to own the value of the instrument. Usually, violins/ violas are paid off a little after 2 years depending on quality of instrument and rental company.

Also, your child will need to practice to keep up with what they have learned and get ready for the next school year.

Consider also purchasing “step-up” quality instruments if your child is advancing and wanting to be a competitive individually in Orchestra. A good quality instrument will last a lifetime if taken good care of and holds value over time.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss options or get more information if this is a possibility for your family at this time.


Private Lessons are available in the summer at Plano East SH. Perhaps in between camps and vacations, students can take hour long lessons or two lessons a week so that lessons are effective. I have included private teacher contact information. PRIVATE TEACHERS


Summer Orchestra Camps are available for students this summer. They provide an opportunity to work with students from different places, teachers with more information to offer them, and also have fun with social events. I have included summer camp information for you as well that we recommend.

1.PISD Summer Strings Orchestra Camp 2017

-Register online at:

2. Summer Strings at University of Texas @ Arlington (UTA)

- stay over camp in dorms with friends or commute back and forth

-Mrs. Ann Smith(PESH Orchestra director) will be working at this camp

-Register online at:

4. For advanced students (Chamber)- let us know if you are interested in very music intensive camps to advance your child. These are for students that take private lessons and have played standard concertos and can play 3 octave scales in their repertoire.