Fragile Love


Summary : Exposition

Fragile Love is a touching and relative story that I have read. Briley and Brody are the perfect couple. Briley an insecure emo girl and Brody a "jock" fall helplessly in love. But will there love be rejected by Brodys ex girlfriend and his ex bestfriend?

Rising Action

As Brody and Briley come out to the school that they are the new couple, people give more attention to Briley. Briley is happy with her life, pretty much living at Brodys house. Briley tries to stay away from her abusive parents. Adam, Brodys ex best friend doesn't like Brody leaving him. Being strong and self confident Adam barges into Brodys house. Anger infused him, punching kicking and finally, stabbing Brody without thought. Briley and Sam, a friend of Brodys, pull off Adam and get Brody to the hospital. Does Brody make it with a broken jaw, ribs, and three stab wounds?


Sounds good so far? :)


Everyone knows that cheating on your love isn't a good thing. When Briley and Brody both do, what happens? Can they over come it? Do they stay together?


I think the theme is you have to over come your problems, even if you think its the end of the world and nothing is going to kill you, it will make you stronger. Look to the positive side.


Dialogue: Fragile love has almost all dialogue. I can really tell what the characters are like though there thoughts and how they talk.

Characterization: Many times Brody feels like he isn't good enough for Briley. He always wants to express how much he loves her. He never thinks that's enough. Briley feels the same. They defiantly have fallen for each other.

Figurative Language

The author didn't use many metaphors or similes. A couple onomatopoeia's were used. One good simile that was said when Adam was stabbing Brody,
"My chest felt like a giant elephant was sitting on me." he was meaning that it hurt so much that he was being crushed.

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