The Jews

By : Zine ' Jones

The Names Of The Jews First Three Wars

The Jews First War Was Called The Great Revolt Which Happened Against Rome 66 C.E.

The Second War Which Was Called Kitos War Which Happened Against The Roman Empire , & The Third Was Which Was Called Bar Kokhba's Revolt Which Happened Against The Christians Hail Jesus As The Messiah .

The Jews Location & Soldiers Death .

The Jews Are Located In Judaea ( Roman Province ) . The Jews Lost 250,000 Soldiers Total , & 1.1 million Jewish Militants And Civilians Killed .
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The Jews Question

The Jews Question Was The Name Given To A Wide-Ranging Debate In European Society Pertaining To The Appropriate Status And The Treatment Of Jews In Society .
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Jewish Food

The Jews Food Are Notably Pork , And Selfish , Meat Must Be Ritually Slaughtered And Salted To Remove All Traces Of Blood . The Jews


The Jews use weapons such as knifes , bombs , pocket launders , machines , and fire to prepare for war .