The Panther Pride

Meridith-Dunbar Early Childhood Academy

Building a Foundation for Learning

Dear Panther Community,

Thank you for a wonderful Open House on September 19. We appreciate those who were able to join us to learn about your child's classroom and spend some time meeting other families.

During our first six weeks, there were a lot of great events happening at Meridith-Dunbar Early Childhood Academy (MDECA) and we enjoyed spending time meeting so many new families.

  • Parents met with our counselor, Mrs. Gardner, to learn about volunteering at MDECA.
  • The Parent Panther Organization (PPO) gathered to learn about ways to support students and staff during the school year.
  • The Panther Parent Advisory Council reviewed the MDECA Family Engagement Plan that was shared at Open House.
  • Grandparents enjoyed visiting classrooms on Grandparents Day.
  • Students practiced two safety drills, Lockdown and Fire, with support from SRO Whitman and the other Temple ISD Safety Resource Officers.

I hope you and your child have enjoyed the first 6 weeks of Pre-K. I'm looking forward to all the 2019-2020 school year will bring.

Perfect Attendance Drawing to be first in line at dismissal!

At the end of each 3 week period, we will draw 3 winners for a Priority Pick-Up Pass and 1 winner for Principal Parking.

Winners will receive a pass to pick up their child at the auditorium doors for 3 weeks. No lines, no waiting. One lucky winner will also get to use the Principal's parking spot for the entire 3 weeks.

Attendance is important. Any student with perfect attendance during the 3 week period (no early pick up or tardies) will be entered to win.


At the board meeting, two of our fabulous staff members were recognized by the school board.

  • Mr. Chester Harrison, our beloved crossing guard, received the Superintendent Leadership Award and congressional recognition.
  • Debbie Malone has been selected as a finalist for the Region 12 Elementary Teacher of the Year.

From the Garden

For the past two weeks, MDECa students have been enjoying cooking class with our TISD Food and Nutrition Staff. During this time, the classes picked egg plant, learned how to prepare and cook egg plant fries and worked collaboratively with friends to serve and clean up after their snacks.

Thank you, Mrs. Gardner, for hosting this wonderful opportunity!

How can you help your young scholar?

Please read every night with your child.

Please ask your child to show you different shapes in your home.

Please encourage your child to use their words in a sentence.

Please play games like I Spy and sing songs like Twinkle, Twinkle and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

What we are learning?

During our first six weeks, Pre-K Panthers learned classroom and school wide routines.

Teachers introduced new songs, centers and gave the children many opportunities to play and cooperate with new friends. Recently, students learned about our Constitution as we celebrated Constitution Week.

During the 2nd six weeks grading period, students will continue to learn the names and sounds of different letters in the alphabet. Students are also learning and practicing counting from 1 to 20. As we continue to reinforce cooperation, responding to two step directions and following rules and routines, students are learning shapes.

We will be heading off to the Robinson Family Pumpkin Patch this month. Please be sure to look in your child's folder for the information flyer. Many of our field trips are free, however, our trip to the Pumpkin Patch will be $5 per students.

Did You Know

We serve approximately 330 students in full day Pre-K.

17 Pre-K Classes (4 Bilingual and 13 Monolingual classes) and

4 Early Childhood Special Education Classes.