Smore on Constitution Era

By: Linda Chen

Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion was formed due to the tax on Whiskey. The main ingredient in whiskey is corn. In western Pennsylvania were many farmers grew corn were devastated! They did not believe that there should be a tax on whiskey. This caused the Whiskey Rebellion. In July of 1794 a force of rebels attacked and destroyed the home of a tax collector. Washington did not tolerate this action, he and 13,000 military troops marched into western Pennsylvania. By the time Washington got there the rebels are either fled or already ended the rebellion.

Shay's Rebellion

Shay's Rebellion was formed due to local and state taxes. The most serious area where this occurred in was Massachusetts. During the time Massachusetts was having a bad harvest and was also in a economic depression. The Rebellion begin in the summer of 1786. Rebel Daniel Shay and some of his followers tried to capture merchants, lawyers, and other supporters of the state government. The state General Benjamin Lincoln crushed the rebels during the winter of 1787. After the defeat Shay and some of his followers fled to Rhode Island then to Vermont.

XYZ Affair

The XYZ Affair was an failed negotiation between France and America. This all started when France and Britain went to war. America remained neutral. Soon after that America and Britain signed the Jay Treaty, which resolved issued between US and Britain. When France found out they were mad because they believed it violated a earlier treaty with France. John Adams sent 3 people to try and re-store peace between France and America. When arrived at France the french wanted huge amount of money in order to see the minister. America decline and this resulted uproar in America. Congress asked to see the diplomas' report regarding the trip and John Adams handed them over with the names X,Y,Z.