Have Fun,Molly Lou Melon

Written by:Patty Lovell Illustrated by: David Catrow


The genre of the story is fiction because everything Molly does can not really happen in real life.

Author's purpose

The author's purpose is to entertain.

Point of view

The point of view is the third person. The third person is the narrator not a character in the story.


The mood/tune is happy and funny because Molly is being a smartalec.

Interesting Vocabulary

The interesting vocabulary is hollyhocks and whoseywhatsits. Hollyhocks means a flower. Whoseywhatsits means a lot of different things.


Molly Lou Melon was at her grandmas house. Molly's grandma told Molly stories about the olden days. Molly was doing the things her grandma did in the olden days in a weird way! Example:Her grandma said "back in the olden days I didn't have a store bought dollhouse,so I made my own in my backyard. Molly made on in the tree. The characters include Molly, her grandma,and Gretie.


I like this book because it was funny. It was funny because Molly was being a smartalec. For example, her grandma told her she did not have a store bought dollhouse so, Molly took things from her house and made a dollhouse in her tree.

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Alexis Hope Conklin
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