Luke Bryan

Jessica Winchel


Luke Bryan (Thomas Luther Luke "Bryan") was born July 17, 1976. Currently thirty-seven years old, Born and raised in Leesburg, Georgia. Growing up all he thought about was baseball, hunting, fishing, and school. Luke's dad worked as a fertilizer salesman, and his mom worked at a local public utility,. Luke also had to older siblings, Kelly, and Chris Bryan. Being the youngest of the family also meant he was growing up listening to early '80s musics. However, Luke didn't discover his own musical talent until later on. By 17, he had formed his own band that played a a bar in town called Skinners. According to people magazine, Luke had said that the traffic would backed up along the roads just listening to him (Eileen, 44). IN November of 1996, Luke had an apartment picked out kin Nashville, five days before he was suppose to leave his older brother Chris was in a terrible car accident. Chris was killed in the accident, died at the age of twenty-six. The move to Nashville was off. Luke also lost his sister, Kelly due to a Luke picked up his grades, transferred to Georgia Southern University, and got a degree in business. At some point in college he met a freshman named Caroline who is now his wife as of 2006. He also has two children, Bo and Tat. After graduation, performing was pretty much out of the picture. Bryan began working at his dad's business.After a year of working, it was clear Luke was miserable. Luke left for Nashville, made his first big in hit in 2001. Over the years he continues to be rising throughout country musics. "he's country music's hottest star!" (Eileen, 44).


Luke Bryan is rising throughout country music. Winning Entertainer of the Year at the CMA awards this year really made a break through for Luke. "I needed a little marinating. But now it's gearing up, rocking it the way you dreamed it," Says Luke (Mansfield,1). Luke Bryan is loved by thousands of country fans for multiple reasons. Such as well of course his voice, his personality, looks, and how well he performs! He's definitely got the sense of humor country music needs. According to Luke, in USA Today, he doesn't wish it happened (making it to the top) any faster, or slower (Mansfield 1).

All about/ Hobbies:

When Luke isn't out at concerts or touring, he enjoys many of the following things. One, he loves to hunt. Luke also enjoys to fish, a lot. From the looks of his last fishing trip it didn't necessarily go as planned. Luke posted a picture on twitter of his truck in the water! Saying, "Before y'all get out of your truck. Make sure you put it in park. Trust me (Bryan 1). He also loves just spending time with family, and friends. Luke said, "It's all about family" in one of the people's magazines he was interviewed in. (Paxman 34).



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