Around the Pound

Edition 6


First....we would like to thank our parents that participated in the Greensboro Science Center field trip! we couldn't have done it without you! And....if you still want to help we have another field trip coming up soon! Read on for the details.

Second, at a time when pay is low, demands are high, and time is short….IT IS WONDERFUL TO BE APPRECIATED! THANKS to all parents and students who showed their appreciation to us last week! We are extremely thankful for all the gifts and wonderful emails of gratitude.

Mark Your Calendars!

5/9/16--Progress Reports this week

5/20-16--Egg Drop Project Due!

5/30/16--Memorial Day--No School

6/1/16--EOG Reading

6/2/16--EOG Math

6/3/16--EOG Science

6/6/16--AR Reward Movie

6/7/16--Bark Bash!!

6/8/16--EOG Celebration Pizza Party

6/9/16--5th Grade FIeld Trip

6/10/16--Awards Day (9:30 AM)--Last Day of School--EARLY RELEASE!!

How Can I Help My Child These Last Days of School??

Thanks for asking! We just happen to have some tips!

  1. Make sure you are aware of the due dates on both the Science booklet and Math booklet. If you don’t know what these are, contact your child’s teacher NOW! If you help your child review nightly, they will perform better on the EOG’s!
  2. Continue to work on vocabulary found in those booklets. Your child will see that on the EOG!
  3. Make sure your child is at school! Dates for EOG are Wednesday, June 1 (Reading), Thursday, June 3 (Math), and Friday, June 3 (Science).
  4. Encourage your child to do their best. Here’s what we say: (1) Take your time. (NO MATTER HOW SMART--No student should finish anywhere near the first break during testing!) (2) Check your work twice. The first time is to make sure bubbles have been filled in correctly. THEN go back and REREAD and REWORK everything! This will prevent careless errors!

Last Field Trip

Fifth grade will go bowling and then to a picnic at Fourth of July Park in Kernersville on THURSDAY, JUNE 9th. The price of the field trip will be $15 per student which will include bowling and soda while at the bowling alley and picnic lunch at the park. This will also pay for our pizza party on 6/8/16.

Only students are invited to participate in bowling. Parents are invited to join us at Fourth of July Park Shelter #2 at 11:30. We also need volunteers to help serve food so we can move students quickly. Please indicate your ability to help!

Click on the GOGGLE FORM in the box below and fill it out ONLINE! Help us save paper!