Suicide A Preventable Death

Mark Leis

Verbal Warning Signs

Some of the Verbal warning Signs are as follows. "I want to Die", "I don't want to live anymore","I wish I was dead", "I won't have to put up with this much longer",and finally "I just want to go to sleep and never wake up". There are four types of clues that should trigger a red flag.

Situational Clues

These are some scenarios that you might encounter like a great athlete survivors an accident with loss of mobility, Death of parent - death of friend or sibling, another is the high school anxiety the transitional period.

Depressive Symptoms

Here are some Symptoms of Depression

  • Poor Concentration
  • Crying
  • Isolation - either real or perceived
  • Feelings of worthlessness
Verbal Clues


"I wish I were dead"

There are also Indirect clues these clues are masks the thoughts that they are having.

"Nobody needs me."

Non-Verbal Warning Signs

According to here are some of the non-verbal warning signs that will pop red flages in your head

  • Isolating self, withdrawing from others
  • Sudden Changes In Behaviour
  • Preparing For Death
  • Writing and drawing that shows suicidal intention
  • Collecting Means To Attempt Suicide
  • Over Use of Drugs And Alcohol
  • Previous Attempts - by themselves or someone close to them
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This is what happens when your love one committed suicide they leave a note

Where to go for help

The people that you can go to get help in this community are Mrs. Mass, Mr. Fisher, Mr.Stritchko, Scenic Bluffs, and Mrs.Giesler

Suicide is Preventable

Suicide can be prevented and in almost all cases the person is begging for attention. This is the 3rd leading cause of death between the ages of of 15 to 25. Make sure that you show that you care to them. There is many different programs on how to stop Suicide and it's effects to your love ones.