Homework Against Knowledge

Excess homework is bad for students.

Overly assigning homework causes stress and depression in students

The amount of homework assigned to students mixed with the extracurricular activities that the school encourages students to do causes mass amounts of stress and depression. Students lose sleep which can lead to depression as well.

Homework should serve a purpose and benefit students.

Homework has become over assigned to the point that it stops benefiting students. Most homework is busy work to make people think that students are learning. After 2 hours of homework, its effect plateaus and ceases to be useful.

Learning Not Drills

Studies show that homework actually can undercut the effectiveness of teaching. Most of it is used as a drill to help memorize the material. Learning is not about memorization. It is about understanding the material, not just memorizing it for the test.

Family Disturbance

In a study, parents said that homework cut into family time majorly. Students were too busy doing homework to spend time with their family or go on family outings. Taking away time during school hours is understandable because it is school time. But when a student goes home, they should be able to spend valuable time with their family.

Benefits of Having Less Homework

Nations such as Japan and Denmark assign very little homework over all but have been found to have some of the highest scoring students. While Thailand, Greece, and Iran assign large amounts of homework and tend to have extremely low test scores. While America was increasing the amount of homework assigned due to ow test scores, Japan was working to reduce the amount to lessen the stress caused by it

Parents Don't Know

School has changed so much since this generations parents were in school so most parents have no idea how to do most of the work that their children bring home. At school, students can ask the teachers questions about the homework when they have trouble but at home, their parents are unable to help simply because they don't know how.

Everything Is Good In Moderation

None of this research proves that homework is a bad thing. In moderation, it is helpful to students for learning purposes, but in excess, causes stress and lower test averages. Homework also directly affects a students grades. When a student takes homework home and realizes they do not understand it, they are now out of luck on getting the points for that homework just because there is no one there to help them understand.

Students Are The Ones Doing The Work

A Met life survey showed that the number of parents that want their children to have less homework are greatly outnumbered by those who think their children should have more homework. This is arguable due to the fact that it isn't the parents that are doing the work. Yes, they did do their work when they were in school but things are different now. The amount of homework students are given has increased greatly over the last several years.

In Conclusion

Homework is a wonderful learning tool that can be greatly helpful but when it is over assigned, it just because a source of stress for students. Lowering the amount of homework assigned to students will increase test scores and lower stress levels. It will also make students more willing to come to school because they will no longer have to worry about going home to countless hours of work after the several hours they already spent doing work in school.