Suzuki Day

Join us on the first annual Suzuki Day

Commemorate the great work of the Canadian Environmental Activist and join in on the fight to conserve the environment and create a sustainable Canada

What is Suzuki Day?

This day is used to commemorate the great work of David Suzuki and to teach people about the importance of nature. It is used to inform people on what David Suzuki stands for and what people can do to help. On this day people are encouraged to do things to help the environment.

Suzuki Day

Saturday, May 16th, 11:30am

1180 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga, Ontario L5H 1A1, Canada (Jack Darling Memorial Park)

Since, it's the first annual Suzuki Day you are invited to Jack Daniel Memorial Park where David Suzuki will speak to you about his missions and what you can do to support the Canadian Environment! Participate in activities such as planting trees and learning about species in the park.

Argumentative Paragraph- Why have Suzuki Day?

I chose to have a Suzuki Holiday because it commemorates David Suzuki’s work and achievements and will encourage people to value and protect nature. David Suzuki is an environmental activist that is very knowledgeable and passionate about the environment. He has worked hard to educate people through the numerous books and even the textbook he wrote. Through his television show, The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, he has been able to educate people on the state of the environment and ways to improve it as the world continues to become more urbanized. Since he has worked so hard to educate people and has been a huge advocate for the ecosystem he deserves to be commemorated. In addition, the state of our ecosystem is one of the biggest problems that Canada is currently facing. David Suzuki has worked hard to come up with solutions to problems that we could face in the future. He has done great things for the not only the Canadian Environment but also other countries that are struggling with environmental issues. Some of his greatest achievements have been accomplished through the David Suzuki Foundation. They include helping to protect a large percentage of the Canadian boreal forest in 2010, improving mining regulations in Yukon in order to reduce pollution and protect water bodies surrounding mining sites in 2002 and in 1993 launching the Ainu Project helping to protect sacred animals in northern Japan. These accomplishments have helped to improve the state of the environment and they deserve to be widely recognized. Additionally, I truly believe that a day commemorating David Suzuki will not only demonstrate our appreciation for the things he has done but it will also motivate people to follow in his footsteps. People will become more informed on the importance of protecting the environment and creating a more sustainable Canada. Leaning about what David Suzuki has done and also becoming more aware of the problems the environment is facing will push people to want to make a difference. On this day people are encouraged to do things to help the environment in any way possible, therefore, by having this day people will be more inclined to do so. In conclusion, the environment is something everyone should care a little more about and that is why I decided on Suzuki Day. By having this day people will be able to commemorate David Suzuki, learn about the problems we are facing and be motivated to make a change.

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