Mrs. Bryer's Class Newsletter

January 7, 2013

Welcome Back! Let the homework begin!

I hope that your family enjoyed the holiday break with some quality time. We enjoyed playing the new board games, making crafts and of course playing on all of the new and old electronics.

The new calendar year begins our second semester of kindergarten. We will move at a much faster pace now that the children have had ample time to become fluent with their letters and sounds. The monthly calendar will include homework due on Tuesdays and Thursdays. January will be more simplistic homework. Although your child can go through the motions of their own homework, they will get a lot more out of it if you are there to provide feedback. Each week should take no more than 25 minutes.

Each week students will practice counting to 60. If they are able to do this fluently, then practice what comes next. You say a number and have your child continue with the next 5 numbers. Be sure to give them plenty of practice moving into the next set of 10's. For example, 78 (79 80 81 82 83). Simply initial the calendar to show that you practiced counting with your child.

At the top of the new calendar is a list of review words and the new words for the month. The second homework is based on the sight words. For the review words provide your child with a newspaper page, magazine page, or flyer/advertisement. Allow them to highlight the review words with a light colored crayon or marker. Focus on one word at a time. Have your child read the words as they find them. If you have old magazines or newspapers you would like to share please feel free to send them to school. If you are in need of a newspaper or magazine please write me a note on the calendar.

Work with the new words refer to rainbow writing. This is writing the same word over and over with multiple colors. This creates a word that looks like it is written with a rainbow marker. This can be done with markers or crayons. If you do not have markers or crayons, writing each word neatly 7 times will work also.

The homework is due the day it is listed on the calendar. Yes, there is homework the first day back. Practice counting to 60 and initial the calendar. Any child that has all 8 homework assignments completed on time in January will have 30 minutes of free ipad use on Friday, February 1st.

Let's Build a Snowman

We will be discussing the weather, seasons, the new calendar year, and of course winter in specific. We will have a snow day on Friday, January 18th. More details will be sent home soon. Please plan ahead and borrow some warmer clothes if you do not have some. The children will have the opportunity to play in real snow. Volunteers will be needed so let me know if you are interested in coming to play!

To get us started, we will create snow characters on Friday. Please send in any scrap materials you might have to help give the kids a variety of materials to choose from. Some examples include ribbon, buttons, felt, fabric, or pipe cleaners. Think outside the box, children love the unusual.

Come read with us!

Many of you signed up for various opportunities in the classroom throughout the year. I know that schedules change so I am asking for those interested in working in the classroom during the spring semester. I love parents (and grandparents) around and I know that your schedules are often very rigid. If you are able to give at least 1 hour a week I would welcome you with open arms! I can work with just about anything as long as we are in the classroom (8:15-10:30, 1:00-2:30). Opportunities include playing board games, reading with individual children, individual skill practice, small group crafts, or helping with prep for projects. Let me know when you are available and what you are interested in and we can make it work!

What are your hobbies or interests?

During the last six weeks of school I love for the children to connect some of their learning to things outside of the classroom. Writing questions for topics they are interested and being part of a discussion are great skills at any age. If you have a hobby or interest you would like to share with a small group of children I would love to have you! In the past we have had triathletes, sharing of cultural foods, artists, and gardening to name a few. I have even had parents do a little research on topics that we knew interested the children and shared what they had learned. Please start thinking about what you might like to share. The form will be sent home soon to fill out to let me know what you would like to share. This will be scheduled for the end of April and May.

Wish List

- Empty Gatorade or Powerade containers (32 oz)

- small empty containers with lids (yogurt, butter, whipped cream, etc. to freeze water in)

- clean food containers of various shapes (cube, rectangular prism, sphere, triangular prism)

** Please nothing that contained peanuts. The residue could be harmful to one of our students.

- scotch tape (cheap tape for student use in the writing center)

- stationary for the writing center (envelopes, old cards, index cards, etc)

"Children become readers in the laps of their parents."

I ran across this quote over the holidays. It struck me with such truth. The time you spend with your child reading is so vital. It doesn't matter if you are sitting together on the couch, laying in bed, or they are actually in your lap. Having that one on one interaction with your focus on a book is priceless. I can not simulate this in the classroom with 21 children. The natural conversations that come out of reading a book can not be reproduced.

I heard a story once- a single mother, of little means, had two young boys. She told them stories every night of knights and dragons, heroes and villains, and everything in between. They grew up to become a doctor and lawyer and very productive members of their families and of society. It wasn't until much later that the boys found out that their own mother couldn't even read!

Upcoming Events

Library every Monday- please return borrowed books

Awards Ceremony- Thursday at 8:30 (lasts @20 minutes)

Report cards go home Friday (please sign and return Monday)

1/16- PTO Spirit Night- Potato Shack

1/21 No School

1/25 Family Movie Night 6:00 pm