The Election of 1800

Who do you choose,

what kind of leader

In 1800 there’s war, death, and poverty and we need a leader to guide us through theses rough times who do you choose. And if perhaps you have chosen john Adams then you are on the right path to righteousness. and John Adams is the common people.

who do you support

Do you support Britain, well if you do then you would know that Britain is our biggest trade partner and in these harsh times we need all the goods we can get. We need the ammo because in a time with an economy that falling apart and war raging and we don’t have the rations to make our army’s and navy’s ammunition for the war.


John Adams could help you with a strong national government because in this time of anarchy our government needs to have to unify power to rule over the anarchy. Because unity helps all in need and we need all the help we can get in these hard times.