MKS News October 2019

October is Invite a Friend Month at MKS!

Living the Life!

This year we are learning about "Living the Life" that God has for us! We have been talking about LOVING others & talking to God through PRAYER when we have needs and when we have praises. We are blessed to live out our faith through DANCE & TUMBLING as well!


  1. I am lucky to dance. Today, I dance for those who cannot.
  2. I may not be the best at everything but I will give my best to everything we do today.
  3. I will have a positive attitude in class no matter what.
  4. I will learn one new thing today that will improve my technique or performance.
  5. I will thank my teacher for teaching me, appreciate the other dancers for allowing me to learn from them and thank the people in my life that allow dance to be part of my life.


Wed, June 10 - Fri, June 12

Mandatory Dance Concert DRESS REHEARSALS at

FZEHS Auditorium

Sat, June 13 & Sun, June 14

DANCE CONCERT Performances at FZEHS Auditorium

More dates & details to come!

And Then There Were Tutu!

"A star fell down from heaven, and landed in their arms

with all of Emily's sweetness, and all of Eric's charm!"

Congratulations to Ms Emily and Eric on the arrival of their Baby Girl, Evie on Friday, October 4!! Mom and baby are home and doing well.

Benefits of Dance During Pregnancy

In a recent edition of Dance Informa, Erica Hornthal wrote an article on the benefits of dance while you are pregnant. Erica is a licensed professional clinical counselor and board certified dance/movement therapist based in Chicago.

As a dance/movement therapist, Erica says she could have anticipated what researchers have recently discovered. Engaging in physical activity during pregnancy can support babies' developmental milestones. An article published in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that "exercise during pregnancy can positively influence developing systems allowing for improved neuromotor development, thus leading to infants who are more adept at movement, and presumably more likely to be active."

Dancing throughout your pregnancy not only supports physical health but has also been shown to support the actual birthing process. Women have reported lower levels of pain, easier births, as well as a greater ability to manage the birthing process.

Engaging in dance or creative movement during pregnancy can help manage symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression. Postpartum depression can impact one in every five women. To read the complete article:


October - Invite a Friend Month at MKS

Thurs, Oct 31 - No PM Classes - AM Classes in Session

Tues, Nov 26 - Sun, Dec 1 - Thanksgiving Break

Fri, Dec 20 - Thurs, Jan 2 - Christmas Break


Sat 11/9 - 2:30pm

Del Mar Gardens - O'Fallon

Large Venue - Come & see what the Kingdom Dancers are up to this year!


Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker - Nov 20-21, 2019

The Fabulous Fox Theatre

3 MKS Dancers will be performing as Snow Maidens -

Congratulations to Zoe Ervin, Faith Seiffert & Yelena Williams!

About MKS

We are a family-friendly dance studio that offers a Christ-centered environment. Dance MKS style isn’t about raising yourself up, or flaunting your skills. It is about using your talents, exercising your body and mind and building character.