Delaware Colony

By: Matt selders

Delaware was founded by 1638 peter minuit. Originally settled by Sweden and Dutch. It is otherrwise known as New Netherland. The exploration was sent by New Sweden.
Delaware colony was one of the original 13 colony's based of the Atlantic coast. It was named after the Delaware river who's name comes from Sir Thomas West. One of the major towns is Wilmington. In 1639 the first African, Black Anthony, arrived in Delaware colony.
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Interesting facts

> Delaware was the first of the original 13 colonies.

> Delaware became a state in 1787

>Delaware was a big food producer

>Delaware territory was explored by Cornelis Hendricksen

> Delaware sate was under control by new Netherlands in In 1663

>in 1651 new castle was settled by Dutch settlers, which then became Delaware colony.

>The state tree is American holy

>it was flat low land


The original name of Delaware colony was trading post. They ate corn, and wheat, also the ate livestock like pork and beef.
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Delaware was part of the middle colonies. also Delaware was given their own assembly in 1704. On December 7 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the US constitution. The Delaware colony wad taking by Dutch after a small war in 1665. The Delaware territory was explored by Cornelis Hendricksen.
The climate was milled, for that they have hemp and flax farms in Delaware colonies. A average 50 150 acres including a farm house, barn, yard and fields. Delaware colony is known as the breakfast colony because it grew many crops like wheat.
Delaware was a big food producing colony including corn, wheat, and live stock. They exported corn, wheat, cattle, grain, rice, and indigo (dye)
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/\ This is a school from the delaware colony

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