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Today, do everything and more with TimeBend.


Today, do everything and more with TimeBend.

About TimeBend

This beautiful little app is based on a simple productivity technique called Time Bending, which will change your life in three simple steps:

1. Decide when your day starts and ends. This lets you know how many total hours you have to work with.

2. Plan tasks with specified durations, each up to an hour long, to fill up most of the time in your day. Leave a bit of reserve time at the end.

3. Start working through your tasks. Try to work quickly enough to finish tasks in the time allotted for each, so you maintain your reserve time until the end of the day, at which point you can do whatever you want with it!

Feel free to try it out before you purchase by visiting http://timebend.me on your iPhone browser.

Good luck owning every day!

Great app (5 stars)

...for dealing with the things that fall outside my work day (which aren't routine) before going to sleep. Well done.

Highly recommend this app (5 stars)

I started using this app a little more than a month ago and I can't emphasize how much it has improved my time management. It is actually a very simple app, but extremely useful. The nice UI makes it very satisfying to swipe off finished tasks. TimBend is very unlike other productivity apps (in which you make a piling list of tasks that you don’t have the motivation to complete anymore). This app is realistic since it has a time component, and it keeps you on schedule to make sure you get your planned items finished! It’s easy to use and very elegant. Well done!

An app by Chetan Surpur