Location of Valencia

Valencia is located in Spain, and is on the banks of the Turia River. Valencia fronts the Gulf of Valencia, and the western part of Valencia faces the Meddiattrean Sea.

Valencia Weather

Fall: Cool, Rainy

Winter: Rainy, Cold

Spring: Warm, Mild Rain

Summer: Warm, Dry

Popular Foods in Valencia

Valencia Landmarks

What I Learned About Valencia

I learned that Valencia is Spain's 3rd largest city and has a population of 2.5 million people. Valencia has the biggest port on the Mediterranean western coast. Valencia's has a large amount of precipitation and the weather is usually cool or mildly warm. The two official languages of Valencia are Spanish and Valencia. Valencia has very old, rustic buildings that contain a lot of historical meaning. Valencia is a popular tourist attraction and most of the landmarks listed above are commonly visited by the tourist's.